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    • Why People Need to Chill About Pony Life
    • Not Reforming Cozy Glow Makes Perfect Sense
    • Hearth’s Warming Thrace
    • IDW Idea: New Mane 6 Kidnapper and Rescuers

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    Why People Need to Chill About Pony Life
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So yeah Pony Life has finally come out with its first two episodes (At the time of this writing) and with it, the fandom’s response to it and well from what I could see it looks to be half and half.

    Now I’m going to start on my opinion with Pony Life and well for me, for what it was, it wasn’t too bad, I actually enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what is next in store. (Hopefully a Fluttershy centric episode!)

    Now moving on, the general reactions I saw on the EQD post for the first two episodes was that it was half positive and half negative, which that’s not too bad and I’m not here to completely judge those who didn’t like it, but some responses were a bit concerning and I am worried about certain events repeating again. I still remember how some of the show staff were verbally attacked over the finale to FiM, so much that even Big Jim had to make his Twitter account private for some time. And well with Pony Life out now and being picked at by people, such a problem may arise again, which would be extremely disappointing to see from the fandom.

    And well to those who say that Pony Life is not FiM, you’re right, it’s not and it’s not supposed to be! FiM was originally just a little girl’s show, but well grew into something everyone can enjoy, which is why it grew so popular with the adults as well, what with many references to things older people can point out. Pony Life is strictly for the kids under 13, it’s not supposed, at least for the time being, to be for the older audience in general. And to be honest, I’m fine with this change of pace, FiM was serious enough and well Pony Life is supposed to be a funnier, more comedic take on the ponies. Considering that the episodes are half the length of an FiM episode and the art style and writing, that just proves it’s meant much more for the younger audience.

    If you don’t like Pony Life, that’s fine, go watch FiM or any other show you enjoy, there’s no reason to keep expressing the same negative opinions over and over. Don’t be like Jimmy Hook (Yeah, I called him out, but I don’t think anyone would be upset at that) and keep uselessly ranting on about how much you hate Pony Life.

    Again, I really don’t want the people working on Pony Life to be verbally attacked, like the FiM staff was, please don’t release your anger towards them, that’s not fair towards them. There is already a lot of things happening in the world currently that’s not good, lets not add more negativity than there is already and well either continue to enjoy Pony Life or look froward to what’s next for My Little Pony.

    Not Reforming Cozy Glow Makes Perfect Sense
    By Ephrom Josine

    Ever since Cozy Glow was sent to Tartarus at the end of Season Eight, the question of if she deserved her punishment has been widely debated among the fandom. This question has since come up again after the show ended with her and two other major villains being turned into stone.

    The main argument for her reform comes down to the fact that many of the villains who were reformed committed worse crimes. And, from that perspective, they aren't wrong-or at least, Cozy was no worse than villains like Discord and Starlight Glimmer.

    However, this forgets why those two specifically were reformed (and since no other villain compares to Cozy into attempted damage, those two are the only fair comparisons). Discord and Starlight were not reformed because the main six thought they were sorry, both were reformed because of how powerful they were.

    Celestia directly tells the main six in Keep Calm And Flutter On that she has "use for Discord's magic if it can be reformed to serve good instead of evil. This is why I've brought Discord here, because I believe that you are the ponies who can help him do just that." The same thing was made clear when Starlight got reformed in The Cutie Re-Mark, with AppleJack noting "But if she's as powerful as all that, we can't just send her on her way, can we," just before Twilight announces that she will be taught about the magic of friendship.

    This is important because it explains why those two were reformed but Cozy wasn't. For one, both of them were much closer to beating the Main Six than Cozy, who was stopped by a group of kids. Cozy, while still powerful, simply did not bring anything new to the table like Discord's chaotic magic or Starlight's pure power with magic.

    While this may sound weird for a show about friendship, making friends with enemies, especially the big bads who they fight at the end of every season, are always more about future strategy than anything else. What strategical reason was there to reform Cozy Glow? Until anyone can give an answer, not reforming Cozy makes perfect sense.

    IDW Idea: New Mane 6 Kidnapper and Rescuers
    By Double C

    If there was an idea that IDW comics would do is when the Mane 6 are kidnapped again and have to be rescued by their love interest this time. If this sounds familiar then it is much like the classic princess kidnapper moment. Chrysalis had many of the qualities of a kidnapper first with Cadence then with all the royals and the Mane 6 which made her the most popular villain of the franchise. But with her gone, IDW will be finding a new villain for the season 10 comics that will takeover in at least one arc story.
    In my opinion, Lavan from Gen. 1 fits the classic princess kidnapper since that’s what he did in the original show by kidnapping the six princess’s and stealing the magic wands. In the modern version, Lavan wants to rule Equestria but he first kidnaps the Mane Six and steals their magic to both make him stronger and eliminate his “only” threat. By doing so, they fall into a deep sleep much like when Princess Aurora pricks her finger on the spindle of a cursed spinning wheel organized by Maleficent. The only thing IDW should do is give him a redesign because his original is too weird both lava and crystal form. They should draw influence from Ragnaros from World of Warcraft since his design represents what an intimidating fire demon looks like. Besides using fire based attack spells, he can change his size and shape into anything he wants like pony size or a giant fire bird.
    Out of the six heroes, Flash Sentry, Soarin, and Cheese Sandwich would be in while the ones for Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity is anyone’s guess. Flash fits the prince role because he would do anything to keep Twilight safe and happy even at the cost of his life. So despite being ordered by Cadence and Armor, Flash new he couldn’t stand around and decided to rescue them alone but the love interest of the other Mane Six also want to join him. Celestia and Luna would act as the fairies that will inform them about the villain and give them the tools to defeat him. This would be seen as the rise of the Stallion Six since fans have always wanted an all-male equivalent to the Mane Six. But if Discord for Fluttershy and Spike for Applejack are included then the name will be something else if you guys have a name for it. The armor they received is standard with their cutie marks in the front and is fire proof. The one Flash wears is an update of Twilight’s Armor of Friendship with his wings covered in magic armor that can block and cut through all attacks.
    This would be an interesting project that IDW would do for season 10. Hasbro would benefit it as a sequel to the Guardians of Harmony toy line. To me it would be a warm up when the guys team up with their girlfriends when they faceoff against Grogar in the future.

    Hearth’s Warming Thrace
    By: Toad256

    Man, look at that beard. Anyway I want to talk about this King Thrace guy and I have a theory about him with Hearth's Warming Eve to show you. This will have spoilers to Feats of Friendship.

    First summarizing, basically in issue 2 of FoF, while Twilight tells the story of Hearth Warming Eve. Swift Foot was telling a different story with a fourth tribe of ponies and at the fire pit. The three founders rejected the Thracian pony King Thrace friendship and then is issue 3 we learn at the end that the current King Diomedes is planning to invade Equestria. So obviously we shouldn’t trust this story fully, but there may be some truth in the words of lies.

    Next, we look at the leaders of the four tribes, we have King Thrace, Princess Platinum, Commander Hurricane, and Chancellor Putting Head. Important to note is there titles of King, Princess, Commander, and Chancellor.

    Thirdly is about Hearth’s Warming Eve, the story simply goes the three tribes argue which brought Windigos, covering their land in snow. This causes the tribes to flee for new land. Upon finding new land, the three tribes argue again causing the Windigos to appear and it forces them into a cave. While still arguing, the ice creeps into the cave, freezing the leaders and what is left are their subordinates. The three subordinates work together in friendship and vanquish the windigos, which frees the leaders, and the three tribes settle Equestria.

    Now putting it together, the Thracians are the windigos. The three tribes rebelled against King Thraces rule and fled. The Thracians chased after them and the arguing is the three leaders not being able to unite and fight, thus leaving the subordinates to lead. Once they achieved victory, the Thracians fled and Thrace vowed revenge. This isn’t the first time Equestria made an event to an Old Mare’s Tale. (Points to Nightmare Moon. Aka Mare in the Moon)

    I know there is a Big Fault being season 9 showing the windigos being real, but still what are your thoughts?