• Rarity Music: Stallionslaughter - Make Stuff (Limp Bizkit Parody) [Nu Metal]

    Stallionslaughter got his studio back up and running, and you know what that means! Lovely and fun songs about ponies!! This time it's a parody of Limp Bizkit's song Break Stuff, themed around Rarity, read more about it from the description! And look at just how many Rarity plushies appear in the video!! Stallion definitely amazing with such aced vocals and rocking performance, and watching him making stuff for Rarity in the video makes the experience all the more enjoyable and memorable. Rock pony musicians are so cool for making pony IRL videos like these as music videos for the songs!! Also Rarity is my second favorite pony so I particularly appreciate this one. Come on all fellow Rarity fans, join me and Tripon in the comments!!

    (Strong language warning)