• My Little Pony: Pony Life May Have Been Delayed

    Some strange news has arrived as of yesterday that we still aren't entirely sure on. Discover Family finally released their highlights for this month, and within they do not mention Pony Life at all. They do list a "Pony Palooza" event happening on June 8th, but specifically talk about season 9 and Equestria Girls.

    July's highlights have also released, with no Pony Life in sight.

    The listing sites we were using for titles and synopsis over the past week have all started desisting things and swapping the schedule to other shows on Discovery Family for the 13th of June date that was being teased.

    It could just be a blip, or we could be seeing another delay on the release of this thing. Maybe August? At this point, all we can do is hope. We will let you all know if anything comes up, and definitely prep for June 13th just in case.

    Thanks to Robert, Miak, ImperfectXIII and everyone else for the heads up!