• Ignite Tracks! Pinkie/AJ Vocal Samples, Rarity, Changelings, Ember Themes!

    New songs from the latest Ponies at Dawn compilation album Ignite have gotten a YouTube release in the meantime, including Camelia's most appreciated contribution making wonderful use of pony vocal samples, Tripon's creative piece inspired by a dark blog about Rarity, Faulty's collab with StealingShad3z and Doodled singing about a changeling attack, and Zizkil's song about Princess Ember! Find it all below the break!

    Idyllia - Mare Cognitum (feat. Velvet R. Wings)

    Camelia - Eastern Power

    Frozen Night & Michael Picher - In The Everfree Torch Light

    Tripon - Fabulous Costumes

    Faulty - Rise Up (feat. StealingShad3z & Doodled)

    Hay Tea & Alfiux - Revive

    Skron - Maze of Thoughts

    Zizkil - Princess

    MEQA - Null

    PrinceWhateverer - Breaking Bonds 2020 (feat. P1K, NRG, VooDoo, Suskii & Lulz)