• Escape To Equestria Music: Whirlwind - Escape (Full Album) [Soundtrack/Ambient]

    Whirlwind presents us a whole album of Equestrian bliss, with the tracks effectively representing a journey to Equestria! The opener track Welcome to Equestria is reflecting our arrival to that new world, Delicious Dessert our visit at Sugarcube Corner, Diamond Mine our exploration of the nearby gem mine (remember that in Legends of Equestria!), and the closing track featuring Wubcake is so emotional with the Ambient synths and the deep bass! And there's many more location-themed tracks such as Manehattan Shuffle, The Weather Factory, Fluttershy's Forest and Everfree Exploration! For many of us myself included, Equestria and the community are a form of escape from the harsh reality, a positive place where we can partake in shared passion and love with other like-minded fans! And the bliss of Whirlwind's album is another of those positive experiences! Thank you for another wonderful moment of "escape"! Let's keep protecting "Equestria" everypony!!