• Equestria Girls: Photo Finished Follow Up

    If there’s anyone I’ve ever wanted to see on how they got their cutie mark…the list would be endless…but one of them would obviously be Photo Finish. Energized, eccentric, and highly European, I can only wonder how she got her cutie mark as a photographer, whether it be jumping people to be in her pictures or maybe a well taken selfie of herself. The chances would be endless and just as strange as the next. In the human world, she’s at least a high school student with an eye for photography and with her merry band of assistants, she strives to drown the school in the light of her shutter. If I can give a moral to this simple and straightforward short, it would be to always be this enthusiastic about anything you do. She lives, breathes, and shouts photography and it is something to behold seeing her work. But you should also probably ask people first if you can take their picture. And not jump them on the toilet. It didn’t happen here, but I don’t want to rule out the possibility.

    Honestly VP Luna, you could’ve asked Sunset to do some pictures for the yearbook. We have seen her great video editing and Photoshopping skills in the first EqG movie. And by “Photoshop” she cut and pasted Twilight’s image in a messy gym. Ok on second thought, go with the exchange student with the cool glasses.

    Photo Finish is at least ready to show her school spirit for these photos and like I said, it’s admirable how into her art she is all the time. I’m also impressed with this giant camera that I want to say is this long for comedic effect, but I know even without checking, someone probably owns a scope this long. If anybody knows what type of camera this is supposed to be, definitely leave it in the comments.

    I can only imagine being Violet Blurr and Pixel Pizzaz constantly carrying all this equipment and with how fast Photo Finish moves, their arms and legs would be burning. But their trick for getting good shots is basically ambush their targets, get them brushed and made up for the camera, and snap a bunch of photos in rapid fire.

    Poor Valhallen. All he wanted was to eat his lunch, not get attacked by paparazzi. Though with his name and the fact that he’s supposed to be a rocker type character, he might have to deal with this in life if he really does pursue music. Just think of this random attack as practice for when there’s hundreds of cameras in your face while you’re trying to eat.

    Looks like our next target is little Wiz Kid practicing a little basketball. Maybe for the exercise? Maybe to impress a certain curly blue haired friend of his who is an athletic type of person? Who can really say?

    So yeah. They just so happen to have all this equipment somewhere around the gym for moments like this. I want to say her assistants carried at least the lights, but I doubt they were carrying around a giant fan. And I don’t think Wiz Kid is having the most fun right now.

    If her subjects aren’t posing enough, Photo Finish seems to pose enough for them. Yes, she is purposely taking pictures like this and still killing it. But you could say this is a great method to help the subject get comfortable with posing. Like how some professional photographers put themselves in the same conditions as the model to make it seem less lonely for the model. Don’t think it works in this case, though. I think Photo Finish is just really feeling herself and the photo shoot.

    Yeah not even teachers are safe from her camera lens or the hard make over moment that takes less than 10 seconds to do. These girls work fast. Don’t worry Cheeriliee, I’m sure you’ll look just as good as the fandom makes you.

    (Editor’s Note: I also must add that Photo Finish actually said “yass queen” and I get weird Vignette flashbacks of inappropriate snapchats)

    A good note to have is to NEVER do anything…like…at all. Scribble Dee getting a sip of water from a fountain, Teddy fumbling a football catch, and Watermelody messing up a very nice Scootaloo alicorn painting will all be turned into “the magics” in Photo Finish’s eye. And I really do have to commend Pixel and Violet for keeping up with Photo Finish. I don’t know many high school girls that can run with a pole light for action shots like this.

    And just like that, she’s back in Luna’s office with some distressing news. I guess Luna would be the one people would complain to since Principal Celestia might be busy eating cake somewhere. Just a thought. But it was Luna that unleashed this shutterbug on the school so no other choice but to confront it.

     Ok in the grand scheme of things, she turns out some good work. The sparkle effects might just be some Snapchat filter, but I won’t deny wanting to look this good in photos. Maybe do a different picture of Teddy, though. He has a bit of fear in the eyes making him look like he’s running away from a train. And we somehow have confirmation the Valhallen’s eyes are purple.

    Rule of thumb, inspiration can strike at the weirdest times, even while getting lectures by your vice principal. Don’t worry too much Luna. I’m sure a lot of people would want the best photos of you as possible. I won’t deny that way Pixel and Violet are looking at her looks like they’re going to murder her, but hey. They just take their lighting and make up jobs seriously. Can’t be too upset about that, right?
    And that was Photo Finished, a short packed with energy and fun that I can’t be upset about. This was just an all around fun short. It’s similar to one for the first EqG movie that still involved Photo Finish, but more about the Humane 6 wanting to be in the spotlight. Photo Finish is a fun character and even when in the show she has a passion about what she does that it makes me like her a lot. Sure, she’s a bit eccentric and I really can’t place where her accent is, but if there was ever a short, a comic, or a fan fiction about how she got her cutie mark, I’d probably read it in a heartbeat. I’m Penny Wrights and I got some selfies to take.