• Equestria Girls: The Finals Countdown Follow Up

    Since we’re in graduation season and the typical graduations are a bit…less traditional, this seems like the best time to bring up those finals you sweat over for months to study for. The sleepless nights of cramming, the endless flow of caffeinated drinks, the feel of the textbooks doubling in size anytime you pick them up. Oh yeah. Can’t imagine doing that ever again. But this time we get to see our Humane 7 tackle on the finales this time (even though there’s no graduation short or special, meaning we have no idea how long these girls have been in high school). And this was also kind of a music video/movie montage short so that’s always fun. In any case, best lesson to learn is that studying can be easier when you have your friends to suffer along with you. It may not sound as sweet as a lot of other morals, but it’s realistic in a way. That at there’s probably a bunch of note taking ideas you could’ve used beforehand to help with understanding the material.

    So I’m probably the only one interested in the idea of exactly what type of teacher Cheerilee is in both universes. For the pony world, she teaches the younger kids, but here she’s teaching the Humane 7 instead of the younger kids like the CMC. I know the two dimensions have big age changes, but now I’m just curious on what Cheerilee’s qualifications are in terms of teaching. Does she do high school and middle school ages since both seem to be in the same school building? And I’m pretty sure Cranky Doodle (who I never expected being a teacher in this world) has taught the different ages too. Either these are very qualified teachers or this school is horribly understaffed.

    I can admit to being a Sunset or a Rarity in these cases. Maybe even a Twilight if I was lucky enough. But I could feel the emotion from each character in this panning shot. And I was always a Rainbow Dash when it came to math, even if I did understand it. And now…

    The enthusiasm is just abundant in this one shot of the work Twilight’s gonna have to put in for tutoring. I need to know who is a Pinkie Pie in this situation because I’m not one to just play with balloons like that. The squeaks would give me nightmares for days. At least Rarity is ready for reading…something.

    Girl got the schedule on lock and everything. She even made time for a lunch break so she’s not completely evil. But you’re still making me study. Nonetheless, this attention to detail is really great. Twilight is smart enough to know regular books and studying will only get half the work done for each person. She starts off with books and tries to put in with something each person likes or can understand easily. And from the chart, Pinkie and Fluttershy just needs food now and will study everything with books, animals and parties after. Andrea Libman must be hungry.

    Sci-Twi is no impressed with balancing acts girls. Unless it’s a scientific study. It’s not a scientific study.

    Yeah I can relate to this. Trying to do the problem, seeing what the answer really is and then staring in confusion. I don’t even know what Pinkie was exactly trying to do here. And this is probably the saddest cat I could ever image. But at least Sunset still has some knowledge from the Friendship Games. She was the last one standing on a math problem against this very same Twilight. Less pressure from being on stage might be better for her learning.

    So it seems Rarity can understand math when it comes to fashion. Well who would’ve thought that? And from what I can understand it looks like this might be the cost of the fabric in feet and it would be about 5 dollars per feet. I haven't been to a fabric shop in many moons so I can't even tell if this is a good deal or not.

    So now we’re playing with each character’s main focus to help with studying and this is a really interesting call back to “Testing 1, 2, 3” where Rainbow Dash can learn and study while flying. In this case, I guess she thinks better if she’s running since it looks like they’re showing her a problem to solve. Though I don’t know how Twilight came to this idea since Rainbow Dash loves any and all sports and it took the Mane 6 in the pony world the whole episode to come up with that idea.

    So I didn’t notice it upon first watching, but there are numbers and equations on the dress as Rarity is sewing it. I think this was about finding the curve of…something. Don’t ask me more on math. Just let me admire that this is a really cute dress and I want one in lavender.

    And somehow Sunset is also into chess…randomly. She wasn’t even in the chess club photo from the short “Queen of Clubs”. And I also have no idea how chess works with math. I’m sure it probably does, but I don’t know how and probably won’t care. Either way, this was a cute moment of Twilight and Sunset bonding over chess.

    So just because it’s a bunny holding up a math problem, Fluttershy can do math now. Because there was no other way we could cram small animals into math problems. I guess those 20 birds Jack had was completely useless in this case.

     Ok you know what? Fu(yay) math! How does this even work? This was with one balloon. She made a curvy number with decimal points with one balloon. I know the rule of “it’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it”, but how does seeing the problem in balloon form change anything. Some of the tactics for studying is a little farfetched, but still. What did this change? Could’ve done something with the ratio of ingredient in cupcake recipes and it would’ve made more sense. It’s cooking! There’s math all up in that!
    *climbs down from soapbox*

    So I guess instead of math, Applejack needed to work on something science-related. I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a molecule of something (not bothering to look it up because depending on the positioning it might be wrong). I could see this being a good learning tool for something more hands on. I know there are probably building blocks for connecting round and stick pegs to create different molecules, but I guess they wanted something bigger.

    Oh this proud face of someone who did the impossible. You gotta love to see it. But it looks like everyone at least past. Maybe a couple A’s and some B’s in the group so that’s not bad.

    Oh…they all just aced it? Well…that doesn’t sound very realistic in a world of magical girls with horse ears and superpowers. Yeah I know I’m being more nitpicky here, but it’s not the most realistic this to happen. I’ll give it more wiggle room than “Testing 1, 2, 3” where Rainbow Dash had to study and cram the day before her Wonderbolts testing compared to the Humane 7 having 2 weeks to study. But like any montage, it had to end with a freeze frame at the top of the stairs no less. Just so long as they don’t ask about that muscular sweaty guy off screen in the dirty grey hoodie what he’s doing on school property.
    And that was The Finals Countdown, the rise of grades and anxiety in any school setting. This was kinda fun to write about since it reminds me of all the campy montages from high school movies about getting ready for something be it prom, finals, or random clean ups. The sing was fun and energetic and moved with the actions on the screen so it makes you feel the motivation of the characters once they got a good study groove going. I’d love to hear about your own studying techniques since new ones are usually in hack videos every day. I think I was more of a Twilight study person with just reading over everything I took notes on in the textbooks. And in this short, it really does help to have someone who can make a plot moving McGuffin out of nothing to help you with school work. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna see about climbing some stairs with epic montage music.