• Compilation Album: Never Say Neigh - Black Stable: Vol 3 [Dubstep]

    Boom! Never Say Neigh just dropped their 3rd powerhouse of a collection of heavy bangers, and this time as well there are some amazing pony treats to savor while partying (very) hard! The album opens with Awk/Awkwerd's contribution that presents a Fluttershy who is not being quite herself... or is she? We then move onto Cynifree's new display of dark atmospheres and slick sound design, with that signature emotion of his being present as well. Then after D3RPI's "Black Lily", TCB's remix of Last Tempest, Hoofy & R3CTIFIER showing us what a Bad Attitude sounds like, SKUNKED's VIP, and Soundnix and AJ Young's collab that will shake Resident Evil fans with such a title, Spikey Wikey shows us how you creatively turn vocal samples from Thorax's introduction episode into something totally new... and menacing, the sound of the machine gun helping some more! A stunning experience of a compilation album! Let's wish NSN the best for the future, and for now dig in this new album and feast of sick sounds!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here.