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    • What's so Great About the Kirin?
    • Choosing Sides vs. Friendship
    • Feats of Friendship Sequel Please!

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    More Daring Do Adventures
    By Double C

    Despite burying the hatchet with her adversaries and the show ended, there will still be more adventures for Daring Do to go on thanks to IDW. It gives the question what kind of adventures will she go on and who will accompany her on them? Almost all of her adventures involve Latin American culture especially that Ahuizotl is based on an actually creature from Aztec mythology. It would be fun for Daring Do to explore other cultures including Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Norsemen, Chinese, and Japanese culture. Along the way she will encounter many new foes of all varieties including monsters and organizations.

    There will be no short supply of artifacts for her to find. While IDW will cook up new artifacts but are influence by mythical items we’ve read in stories. Pandora’s Box, determines of which version your read, is said to contain evil powers on whoever opens it upon the world. The Golden Fleece of whom Jason went to retrieve has a powerful ability to heal. The Holy Grail gives whoever drinks from it eternal life and happiness. The Book of Thoth contains powerful spells and knowledge supposed to have been written by the god Thoth.

    The new villains she will face will be too strong to deal with alone and will ask for assistance from Rainbow and her friends. A serpent from Egyptian mythology that would fit in perfectly because of what he represents is Apophis. He is the embodiment of chaos and evil that was capable of causing earthquakes while moving around in the underworld. He would not only be the arch nemeses of Celestia but also Discord since he believes there is only room for one deity of chaos. There will be groups and organizations that look for any artifacts that will give enable them to rule the world like an MLP version of Hydra. There would be many that even Dr. Caballeron admits are to evil to do business with especially an MLP version of the Red Skull.

    A thing that was hinted in "Daring Doubt “is that Ahuizotl said that not only he is actually a guardian but there are others. It’s unknown how many there are, where are they located, and what artifacts are they protecting. Finding out about more these guardians would be part of exploring new lands outside of Equestria. Hopefully each one will be base off of other creatures from other mythologies. One thing they all be task is to keep an evil being from the past like Apophis or a ruler from bring destruction upon their release.

    Daring Do truly reminds me a lot of the character she is based on India Jones and I like to see her adventures continue. Also like to see what she does as A.K. Yearling when there are no treasures to go out for. What other inspired artifacts would you guys like to see in season 10?

    What's so Great About the Kirin?
    By: Quick Fix

    I can already see rebuttals coming from the title alone, but here goes. We all know about the kirin by now. Interesting beings that the fandon eagerly jumped on and quickly escalated to the point that you can't go a day without seeing or hearing about them. Many think them great and some (often through posts on this very site) tout them as the single greatest part of the show. Kirinposting is approved by all and apparently even the most poorly written, Cozy Glow-grade unmotivated character is automatically better than the mane 6 if depicted as one. It feels like a pretty safe bet to say that the kirin are contenders for the most popular thing added to the show in the last few seasons, and I have a thought about this.

    Why? What makes them so special?

    Cuteness factor? Sure they have nice designs, but aren't exactly standout compared to some of the other species we've seen in Equestria. Ask me to name a 'cute' species seen in the show and they wont come up before things like dogs, phoenixes, changedlings and Fluttershy. Personality? That's being based off one kirin, not the whole race. Sure, Autumn Blaze is incredibly peppy, if a little overbearing, but there's not that much evidence that all the kirin are like that. Outgoing, yes, but assuming that all of them are like her seems like a real long shot to me. Long lasting appeal? They had a whole one episode where we didn't get to know all THAT much about them beyond their culture shift, and then a pair of cameos in the final episodes that could be easily missed. They don't even have the advantage of being around for years despite relatively miniscule screen time like the (in my opinion equally overhyped) bat ponies. So...What exactly is there that makes them stand out so much?

    Don't get me wrong, Sounds of Silence was a good episode and Autumn Blaze is a welcome character. But I see the whole race being treated from the most unique and stylish race in Equestria to being deemed the only reason the show survived beyond season 8, and I just don't get any of it. Kirin are okay, but nothing about them strikes me as the breakout race the fandom seems to see them as. Am I the only one who thinks this? Can someone explain it to me?

    Choosing Sides vs. Friendship
    By: FlareGun45

    This isn't an article about my or anyone's beliefs on the issues we're currently having - this is about comparing between how strict those beliefs are and how they really test friendships.

    FIM ended too soon, and there are never times when I don't look into this show for guidance because of how much I value friendship more than anything else. And in situations, I think about what our pony friends say, and there are times when I really dunno the answer. Nowadays, friendships are really being tested, yunno why.

    There are some people who have their personal beliefs of doing what they feel is right in the situation we're having, then there's the ones who are agreeing with those beliefs due to public opinion outta fear of what society or even their own friends would think of them. There are even people who are demanding people to unfriend them if they don't believe in where they stand - even if they're on the same side.

    This is what I don't like, the friendships people have built over the years, all the good times they had, all the times they've been there for eachother, it's now all being thrown away due to belief. Just think if there was a rights problem in Equestria, and the Mane Six have different perspectives about it, even to the point they're probably on completely different sides, where would this leave their friendship? What happened to compromise or finding a solution that could work out for everypony? Why fight fire with fire instead of trying to extinguish it - try to work together to find a solution?

    Do we hafta choose between what believe in or our friends? I value those I care about more than picking a side to a dynamic. I do wanna do what's right though - but not at the cost of those I care about. What would our pony friends do in this situation?

    Feats of Friendship Sequel Please!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So before getting into today’s soapbox, there will of course be spoilers to The Feats of Friendship comic arc! If you haven’t read it yet… Do so! Right now! What are you waiting for!?

    So at the end of the arc, it leaves off with Swift Foot silently leaving as the awards ceremony for the feats is taking place because well she feels guilty for what she tried to do, to break apart the Young 6, so her father, King Diomedes, would be free to invade and conquer Equestria.

    Now the arc ended up with Swift Foot having had a change of heart and well deciding to go back home and see if she can change everypony’s minds. And if that doesn’t happen, than she will defend her friends, i.e. the Young 6. Now the ending with Swift Foot sets up a potential sequel for another arc with her and the Young 6.

    Of course with her father so bent on taking Equestria down, he wouldn’t exactly agree with his daughter’s new viewpoint and would most likely decide to invade Equestria despite his daughter’s failure. Swift Foot escapes and tries to warn her friends and Equestria of her father’s invasion, in which the Young 6 finally learn the truth of who Swift Foot is really and has a hard time whether or not to trust her. Wouldn’t go further than that, but I think we all know how it would end at this point.

    The point is, there NEEDS to be a sequel, maybe not in the Season 10 comics because it would clash with show continuity and all that, but well its only separate short arc. It would be a crime to not do the sequel in fact! Come on comic writers and artists, just do it! (Insert dead Shia LaBeouf meme)

    Speaking of the Season 10 comics, I have mentioned this before and well this may not make any sense at all… But what if defeating King Diomedes was part of the reason why the Young 6 earned their stained glass window shown in The Last Problem? Now again, very not likely because the show and comics aren’t 100% percent canon to each other, but it could be possible!

    Also, one last thing… I really thought at the end of Issue #1 that Swift Foot was the daughter of the Storm King… Is it just me or did anyone else think that?