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    • Who's Running Dreamland?
    • Spike Finally Snaps 
    • Cadance's Evil Form
    • Not Their Element

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    Who's Running Dreamland?
    By: FlareGun45

    So Twilight has taken Celestia's job pretty much of running Equestria and her School for Gifted Unicorns - but did Twilight take Luna's job too? It hasn't been implied, nor do I think is really the best thing for her, since Twilight is running pretty much everything else, she'd most likely be too tired to run dreamland - that's why Luna does it and not Tia. Spike pretty much taken Luna's position on the throne, but he doesn't have the magical capabilities to look after dreamland, so what's happening then?

    Three things cross my mind:

    1. Luna never gave up her dream position in the first place - it was never really a job, it was more of a hobby. She mighta not given that power to Twilight or anypony else for that matter cause she loves doing it so much.

    2. Nopony runs dreamland anymore - mayhaps it was thought to be an invasion of pony's privacy so it caused some complaints to the citizens of Equestria, so Luna has decided to stop looking after dreamland entirely and just shut down the program.

    3. Twilight is finding somepony else for that position! Mayhaps.... Luster Dawn? We don't necessarily know her purpose other than being Twilight's most gifted student, just like she was to Celestia. It could be that Luster is next in line for the throne right after Twilight, and that she's not immortal after all, or Luster is gonna be the new Princess of Dreams? I guess that would explain why Twilight sent Luster to the School of Friendship, so she'd be the best candidate for the job. She could work, but I dunno, her coat and mane are too bright of colors to have in a dream - Luna's dark colors were at least more relaxing to the eye.

    So what do you think?

    Spike Finally Snaps
    By Double C

    For years Spike has helped Twilight with many things including saving Equestria and making new friends. But despite all the good times, Spike has shown many frustrations when dealing with Twilight before and after becoming an alicorn. I don’t know why many of the writers including M.A. Larson and Meghan McCarthy didn’t think about an episode where Spike has had enough especially in Season 9. I know that he is a sweat and kind but there will come a day when the straw that broke the camel’s back. If being Twilight’s assistance was hard, we can only imagine how being an advisor is going to put more stress, frustration, and anger on Spike.

    The problem Spike will have as the advisor is that Twilight at times never stays on track or even listens to him and would rather do things her way. When he finally gets pushed to the limit, Spike will snap at Twilight that he has had enough and tells her of all the years of what he had to put up with. You all can guess of the worst things he went through in your comments but he will say many mean things of how he sees her truly. Just when she couldn’t get her heart shattered even more, Spike would through his metal at her hooves that symbolizes both he quits his position and never wants to see her ever again.

    This would be seen as a series blow to the Princess of Friendship and Twilight begins to doubt herself as a ruler. We know that their friends will help fix the problem by finding flaws that lead to this. Ember, Thorax, Smolder, and Gabby who are Spike’s closes friends have always knew he would snap and tried to warned her but she always believed both it will never happen and will fix it. Celestia would be disappointed in Twilight didn’t listen and ended up making the same mistake she did with Luna.

    It’s unknown if Spike went to either the Dragon Lands, the Changeling Kingdom, or beyond Equestria in order to have time to think. If he chose to go beyond the border, it would be interesting if he went to the kingdom where Scorpan rules by accident. For Ember and Thorax, they tell him that no matter how many time they get into feuds with Torch and Pharynx they always find ways to patch things up. For Scorpan, he tells him that he may never resolve with his brother Tirek but it’s not too late to fix things between him and Twilight or else he will regret it for the rest of this life.

    Though it may have a dark tone but it would finally to my opinion see why Twilight and Spike were meant to be together. There would be a party that Pinkie set up to show how much Spike means to everyone and apology for not treating him the same way. It would also be an opportunity for the Sparkle family to show how much Spike is truly a member of the family.

    Cadance's Evil Form
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So I have been wondering about something recently and that is… Would there be an evil form for Cadance, like the other princesses have?

    And before I start on this, yes I know there are other princesses like Flurry Heart and Amore, but I’m only going to focus on the four core princesses of the show itself, not counting the future we see in The Last Problem.

    So back to the question of Cadance’s evil form and if it would exist… The simple answer is yes, back than what kind of soapbox would this be!?

    Now before talking about Cadance, first we have of course the evil opposites of Celestia and Luna, in the form of Day Breaker and Nightmare Moon. Luna became Nightmare Moon because she grew jealous of well Celestia and the fact that the ponies enjoyed the sun while sleeping through the moon. And well the same would most likely stay true for Celestia turning into Daybreaker if the ponies loved the moon more than the sun.

    Now for Twilight, her pony counterpart, at least canonically, does not have an evil form, however the human Twilight, aka, Sci-Twi, in the EQG world, had an evil form in Midnight Sparkle. And well if Sci-Twi could transform into Midnight Sparkle, I don’t think it would be unreasonable to think that alicorn Twilight could turn into the pony version of Midnight Sparkle.

    Now to the main point of the soapbox (Finally!) and that’s Cadance’s evil opposite, what would it be and how exactly would it be triggered?

    For this I would like to bring something Hononoken the Flaming Samurai told me in that there was a fan interpretation in which her evil form would be a snow-themed villain whose sadness and tears could freeze all of Equestria. Now this would make total sense to me. Cadance represents love and well what is the opposite of love? Hate. And her being in the Crystal Empire, far up in the Frozen North would most likely result in her bringing about an eternal snowstorm, overpowering the magic of the Crystal Heart.

    Only well what would exactly cause Cadance’s dark side to come out? She seems to have a perfect life, right? A kingdom to rule, plenty of friends and a loving family and husband with her, nothing would cause any trouble it would seem. Well I guess the only thing that would cause her evil form to appear would be if she and Shining Armor began to grow apart and start arguing back and forth until finally the hatred building in Cadance would come out eventually.

    And I also have been thinking… What if Cadance becoming evil was the reason Flurry got her stained glass window?

    I know it’s very impossible that’s the reason, but well what if Cadance and Shining Armor did reach their breaking point and Cadance submitted to her dark nature, beginning to spread hatred along every couple in Equestria, instead of love. What if Flurry has indeed earned her stained glass window by defeating her mother’s evil form and bringing her back to the light?

    Again, I know it’s very unlikely, but hey Cadance shouldn’t be excluded from having an evil side to her like the other princesses have! But well what do you think?

    Not Their Element
    By: Toad256

    With the Young six being linked to the elements of harmony. Instead of matching them with one that represents them. I did the opposite.I linked them with the element they are most under qualified to. The one that is less important to them or they have trouble with.

    For Gallus, Honesty is the one he has trouble from the beginning. In School Daze we see him making sarcastic comments to his friends, lying about griffin fire breath, and making excuses for skipping class. Up to The Hearth’s Warming Club he lied to his friends and the faculty and last in Uprooted he made up a story about the Tree of Harmony.

    Loyalty is the one Smolder has trouble with. Not because she is selfish, but possible diverging loyalties. Smolder is the one that has another group of friends in the Dragonlands. With another group of friends it would be hard for Smolder to be loyal.

    For Yona, her’s would be Generosity. She can be generous, but what is holding her back is her pridefulness. Her Yaks are best attitude makes her sound selfish to others.

    Silverstream’s weak link is to the element of magic. The others do have trouble being the leader like Ocellus’s shyness and Sandbar’s lack of ambition. Silverstream's biggest problem is her lack of focus and attention span. In the Last council, she forgot to tell the hippogriffs about her absence.

    Last is Sandbar and his problem is with Kindness. You would not expect it from him, but Sandbar doesn’t fully understand the element. During the argument in The Hearth’s Warming Club Sandbar singled out Ocellus and after Gallus admitted to doing it. Sandbar said “So it wasn’t Ocellus.” In Uprooted, Sandbar got rid of the tree of harmony and probably didn’t think what his friends would think about it.

    That is my Young Six with the elements they don’t represent. Do you think they have a different element they don’t fit with?