• Chrysalis Day - Open Art Compilation

    We've got your bug queen! This one even has little bug hairs. I wonder if real Chrysalis would have those?

    Get your open art below!

    [1] Source - TwilySparks

    [2] Source

    First Ever Queen Chrysalis Frame by AceWissle

    [3] Source

    Queen Chrysalis Ver. 2 by SoulSliver249

    [4] Source

    Teenage/Emo Chryssy by LytletheLemur

    [5] Source

    G3 Queen Chrysalis by Metallic-Roselle

    [6] Source

    Chrysalis Mermay edition by foxwhee

    [7] Source

    ChryssiPounce.exe by llametsul

    [8] Source

    Queen Chrysalis by Yunnecora

    [9] Source

    by mlplayer dudez

    [10] Source

    Starved Bug Queen - Chrysalis Day 2020 by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

    [11] Source

    2020 ATGs Day 2/Chrysalis Day 2020 by EbonyCrystal1986

    [12] Source

    Chrysalis the First and Chrysalis the Second by daimando

    [13] Source

    LET ME IN by TexasUberAlles

    [14] Source

    Queen Chrysalis in MS-paint by sallycars

    [15] Source

    Friendship Lesson With The Queen by mr100dragon100

    [16] Source

    [17] Source

    Starting a Hive of Our Own by JoshChrysalisFan1

    [18] Source

    The Changeling and His Bride's Private Rendezvous by JoshChrysalisFan1

    [19] Source

    Queen of Vermins by CrosslineAnimator

    [20] Source

    Queen of Vermins Vers2 by CrosslineAnimator

    [21] Source

    Queen Chrysalis by SoulSliver249

    [22] Source

    [23] Source

    [24] Source - Cassie