• 34 Awesome Songs to Listen To For Celestia Day!

    Celestia has had a ton of music created in her name from pretty much every genre out there. We didn't get to know her very well until later seasons, but that doesn't mean people didn't lay into her with all sorts of fanon anyway.

    Get some Celestia music below!

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    Lullaby for a Princess by ponyphonic

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    Who Knows [ANIMATIC BY ANTICULAR] by 4everfreebrony

    [3] Source

    L-Train - Daybreaker Boogie (feat. 4EverfreeBrony) [Electro Swing] by Ponies At Dawn

    [4] Source

    Jyc Row & Felicia Farerre - Sun of the Night by Jyc Row

    [5] Source

    Celestial Origins extended battle theme by Makkon

    [6] Source

    Prince & Sable - Holy Fire (Ft. Blackened Blue) [REIMAGINE] by PrinceWhateverer

    [7] Source

    BroniKoni - Runaway Princess [Pop Rock] by Ponies At Dawn

    [8] Source

    PrinceWhateverer - Your Own Sky [REINVENT] by PrinceWhateverer

    [9] Source

    Jyc Row & Francis Vace - Celestial Berserkers (feat. IbeConCept) by Jyc Row

    [10] Source

    Celestia's Ballad (Sim Gretina Remix) by Sim Gretina

    [11] Source

    Jeff Burgess - Home (feat. EileMonty and MEMJ0123) [OFFICIAL AUDIO] by Just Fern

    [12] Source

    14 Sun (Vocals By MEMJ) - Pony Empires Complete by Carbon Maestro

    [13] Source

    Morning Mist - SlyphStorm by SlyphStorm

    [14] Source

    Come Home Soon - By Joaftheloaf by Joafie

    [15] Source

    Exiark - Let there be Light (Feat. Chi-Chi) by Exiark

    [16] Source

    The Fighting Ballad of Princess Celestia by JackleApp

    [17] Source

    Archie - Praise The Sun(Original Mix) by Archie (Second Channel)

    [18] Source

    Raise The Sun (Original by Forest Rain) by Forest Rain Media

    [19] Source

    Don't You Dare Let Go Feat. Rina Chan - the Phony Brony by PhonyBrony

    [20] Source

    Synthis, 4EverfreeBrony, and FritzyBeat - Cold by Sam Synthis

    [21] Source

    Lullaby For The Doomed - By Reverbrony by Reverb Brony

    [22] Source

    I, Princess Celestia - Woody by WoodyMoto

    [23] Source

    Frozen Night - Inner Light by Frozen Night

    [24] Source

    Radiarc - Kyrie (P@D Album Release) by Radiarc

    [25] Source

    Morgsch - Let the sun rise (feat. Itchigotchi) by Morgsch

    [26] Source

    StrachAttack & Zaktt - Infrared VIP by StrachAttack

    [27] Source

    Rising Sun (By TheDashDub) by Chris Heron Music

    [28] Source

    Patrick Poe - Garden Of The Princess by Patrick Poe

    [29] Source

    Cats Millionaire & Dino - Rainbow Mother Earth (feat. Circuitfry) by meowmeowparadise

    [30] Source

    And the Rainfall - Summer Sun (Centuries Later) by And the Rainfall

    [31] Source

    The Ponytones - Horse of the Rising Sun (The Animals Ponified) by The Ponytones

    [32] Source

    Sunbutt - Pony Parody of Steve Martin by iRhymeTheSongs

    [33] Source

    Etherium Apex - The Daybreaker (Remaster) [Alternative Metal] by Etherium Apex

    [34] Source

    Seventh Element - 18 Pounds by Seventh Element