• PonyFest Online 3.0 Arrives May 30th

    The third PonyFest Online returns in just a few days. May 30th marks the start of this month's event, with all of the usual stuff you have come to love about the last two.

    For a list of special guests, games, and more, check out the presser below.

    PonyFest Online! 3.0 Returns This Saturday, May 30

    PonyFest Online! is back for our third convention this Saturday, May 30, with our usual array of vendors, panels, performances, games and more!

    Join us early Saturday for our first-ever European programming track, led by members of the Europe ponycon community, at 5 a.m. ET, and then strap in for 23 hours of content that concludes with an hour set from one of the brony music originators, Eurobeat Brony.

    Our VIPs include voice actors Racquel Belmonte (Kerfuffle), Jesse Inocalla (Sans Smirk) and Jason Simpson (Bufogren/Spearhead), all of whom will also talk about their hit Netflix show The Dragon Prince on which they're featured as main cast, plus Anneli Heed, a voice actor on the Swedish dub of MLP for various characters. Show staff Megan Parker, Steph Mahoney and Tori Grant will also come along to discuss the production side of My Little Pony and its Equestria Girls spinoff.

    In addition to VIPs, we're welcoming a slew of community guests, among them Aphinity, RiffPonies, Forward Progress from Keeping Friendship Magic, the cosplayers behind the BronyCon mascots, Imalou, Igor from My Little Ties, ChocoPony and Bronies from Japan, plus special musician guests L-Train, Odyssey Eurobeat/Eurobeat Brony, Lavender Audio, Elevative, Pony1Kenobi and Metajoker.

    Games? We've got those -- including tournaments for Rocket League and Smash, plus added Splatoon this time around. We're also running our usual assortment of tabletop games.

    And of course, we've got plenty of vendors to choose from, many of whom are returning for the first time since 1.0, others attending our virtual vendor hall for the first time.

    Finally, on Saturday afternoon we'll be hosting our first charity auction, benefiting United Way's COVID-19 fund!

    Interested? Check out our website for a full schedule, list of vendors and guests, and more, and follow us on social media -- especially Twitter, where we post the most -- for more info:

    See everyone on May 30 -- and if you can't stop by at all that day, be sure to come in on May 31 and snag some last-minute vendor purchases, too!