• Pony Funk Album: Technickel Pony - Pink's Boutique

    Technickel Pony just released a new album, check it out while it's fresh! With great taste in name and cover art, the compilation of new remixes, recent musical endeavors, and essentials from the past is showcasing the Funk with #7 Cheerilee Dance sampling the voice of our beloved teacher from Ponyville, will take you at a pony rave with #9 Equestrian Happy (Hardcore), will guide you through Manehattan back-alleys filled with ponies rapping over Hip Hop beats, and much, much more! Such musical genres and use of pony samples is so appreciated, and so are the remixes of songs from Wootmaster and mycutiemarkisagun, and Technickel's Edit of Altius Volantis' Lullaby! To All The Mares​.​.​. Technickel Pony's got what you need. Oh yeah... (more funky music plays)

    Download the album from Bandcamp here!