• Midnight Mares Project Seeking Artists and Animators for Paid Positions

    The Midnight Mares animation team is looking for a few background artists, animators, and boarders to join their group and continue the project forward. Apparently they are offering payment for the work on this one, though no specific details on how much.

    Check out the presser below if you are interested.


    Midnight Mares Pilot Episode Now Hiring!

    May 06, 2020 - Midnight Mares is currently scouting for new talent to join its animation team! if you are unfamiliar with the Midnight Mares channel, visitors are encouraged to first watch the 2019 teaser trailer, which incorporates the new cast and several new scenes, followed by numbered animatics of additional scenes.

    We are in immediate need of storyboard and background artists, as well as additional Flash animators. Toon Boom Harmony knowledge is preferred, but not required, nor is a formal art education.

    If you would like to be considered for a paid position, please send samples of your animation work to: midnightmaresseries@gmail.com