• Ignite Tracks! Philomena, Chryssy, Epic Story!

    Many tracks from the just-released compilation album Ponies at Dawn Ignite got released on YouTube, and I compiled them in this post since there are too many to give them all a solo post! On the menu, L-Train singing about Philomena with all his heart, Feryl DeMarco paying tribute to Chryssy with a new unique experiment, Jyc Row and PrinceWhateverer telling an epic imagined tale with the help of Celica Soldream, and much, much more!

    L-Train - Philomena

    Feryl DeMarco - Livid

    Jyc Row & PrinceWhateverer - Together, Against the Sisters (feat. Celica Soldream)

    John Kenza & 4Everfreebrony - Warm

    Greyfade - Outcast

    Age Of Vinyl, Power Note & Tw3Lv3 - Beauty (feat. MC-Arch)

    bank pain - Fog In The Treetops (feat. Koron Korak)

    Totalspark - What Remains

    The Wasteland Wailers - Spun

    Paloris & ThatMusicBrony - Waiting

    GrazySmash - Damodaraya