• EQD Suggestion Gathering - Would You Like Refreshers on Older Stuff Outside of Pony Theme Days?

    (One of my favorite early wallpapers from KP-ShadowSquirrel

    This fandom is a whopping decade old! Many of you may or may not have been involved in the early days, and if a few random conversations I've had on Discord and Twitter are any indication, many of you joined only recently.

    There are a few categories on the site that really don't get enough content for regular posting anymore. Particularly areas like Wallpapers, Cosplays, Games, and a few others were pretty regularly updated in the early days when the flood of content was wild.

    The response to this was pony theme days, where we gather up the old stuff per-character for massive compilations of the best stuff the fandom has created for each one. We can''t give every character a dedicated day though, or we'd never have normal days.

    One thing I've considered is doing "revival" posts, where we randomly pick a category and spotlight some of the great stuff created for it back in the day. This would give new people that never got to see it a chance to check out what we used to do, and old fans get a nostalgia bomb. Of course, the negative there is we'd be repeating content, which might be kinda redundant for the people that have been here forever.

    What say you fandom? Should EQD spotlight some oldschool stuff for the new crowd? Or stick to what we do best and stay on the cutting edge?