• Brony Thank You Fund Purchasing Supplies to Create Masks for Healthcare, Donations Needed!

    The Brony Thank You Fund has shifted gears slightly to help kick Coronavirus in the butt! To do so they have teamed up with Make The Masks to help get medical professionals the proper protection they need while doing their job.

    The problem, of course, is donations to help get this project into high gear. So if you want to help out, check on after the break for the full details!

    You wouldn't want to disappoint Nurse Redheart, would you?

    Hey all, Coder here,
    Apart from my work as president of the Fund, I’m also the national coordinator for Make The Masks right now. Make the Masks is a collection of over a hundred local groups 3D printing high-quality lab-tested makes that can stand in for an N-95 mask when a commercial one isn’t available. One of our big challenges is getting the appropriate filters to use with them, but we now have a source in China that can send us KN-95 filters in quantities of >100K. (basically the same as N-95, but Chinese certification). They are pretty cheap, but when you’re handing out 5 to each healthcare worker and helping thousands of healthcare workers, it can add up fast.
    We’re looking for donations so we can purchase and distribute filters, elastic and other materials to the regional groups. Because we’re already set up as a charity, we can do this without the surcharges and tax problems associated with a GoFundMe or the like. And best of all, we can offer tax deductions to people who donate, as usual.
    If you’d like to help, consider dropping us a few bucks at this link. 100% of the money donated will go to buying supplies and shipping them where they are needed. If we can raise $7,500, we can buy enough filters to supply 10,000 masks. And if you want to donate $300, we’ll make you a friend of the fund!

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