• Twilight and Rarity Do A Jam Session!! Courtesy of Koron Korak, StableTwoStallion, and 15.ai! [Industrial Metal]

    Such initiatives are so awesome!! Koron Korak and StableTwoStallion imagined a scene of Twilight and Rarity discussing before a concert, then doing a jam together! The dialogue was made possible by 15.ai, and they collabed for the music that you hear at the end, just like the two ponies are playing together! And a very inventive way to present it: you have to play the videos from the two musicians' channels at the same time in sync (there's a countdown on Koron's video to help you with that), to enact the dialogue between Twilight and Rarity! And it feels like a back-and-forth between the channels, it's so lovely!! Then when the music starts you can pause one of the videos as the song is playing in its complete form in both videos. Kudos for that idea, and what they made together!!

    Koron's video (Twilight) - watch in sync with the other video at the end of the countdown!
    StableTwoStallion's video (Rarity) - watch in sync with the other video!