• Top Ten Most Memorable Looks

    So I felt like a Top 10 list and I went with it. Go figure. But with all the magical girl transformations and clothing changes from a fashion designer main character, I couldn’t help but want to do a list of some great outfits. So… a few things. I won’t do basic wardrobe aka outfits they would normally wear. It won't be just for the Humane 7 so any looks or styles is acceptable, even if they're one shot characters. And lastly, this is all opinionated. I am not right to everyone and if I had it my way I’d screenshot every outfit and find them online to wear personally. These are just the ones that stand out as memorable to me and a lot of people I know who went crazy for them. I’d love to hear what styles made your own list so I can always say “oh yeah I remember that one”. Anyway, let’s get stylish!

    Vignette Valencia 

    Ok maybe blame it on a lot of love for bohemian earthy styles that aren’t just from places selling hoop earrings for $80, but I can’t help but love this style. And it’s something I don’t think we’ve seen before and there are background characters that are supposed to be eco-friendly and hippies. She’s on the end of “it doesn’t look expensive, but it costs more than ten smartphones” of hippie style. But I can only say this because of the personality that came with it. At first glance, she could’ve been a child of heart going to a herbal tea house after yoga in the park. But not in Rollercoaster of Friendship.

    Pinkie's Diner Waitress Uniform
    I think I rave about this uniform the most out of everyone on this show. Who isn’t a sucker for this 50’s roller diner uniform? Pinkie’s up-do hair, customized patch, and paired with two very adorable backup dancers in the Coinky Dink World music video makes for some memorable screenshots that made it hard to pick one shot. And again, I like how Pinkie isn't reserved to just working for a bakery and they opted for something fun and somehow fitting with her character. She won't just serve cakes, but even burgers and nachos.

    Rarity's Techno Look
    It’s a Daft Punk reference. Enough said. How would anybody not remember how random this came? I just want to know where this idea came from exactly. Was she a fan of Daft Punk or was she the revolution that it came from? So many thoughts can be in this one image. Maybe when we're not looking, she's designing helmets for Deadmau5 and going to Marshmello concerts. But this golden jumpsuit and voice changer in the helmet got people more into Rarity that they ever thought would happen in one moment in Rainbow Rocks.

    Trixie's Band Performance Costume
    I won’t deny liking this exaggerated magician’s outfit for the battle of the bands moment. The gold accents on her boots and hat are a nice touch to break up the all the purple in this outfit. Not to mention how cool her hair is with this long curl. Even her band mates are incredibly cute with their synthesizers. Even with Trixie being a diva more than ever under the siren's spell, she was interesting to watch with the same disappearing act failing every time and being more villainous than usual. And I won’t deny having a few remixes of their song “Tricks Up My Sleeve” regardless of repetition for the chorus. It just makes for even more remixes.

    Midnight Sparkle
    Yeah it’s always gonna be a toss-up on who had the fastest heel turn to good between Sunset from the first movie and human Twilight in Friendship Games. Twilight got a slight pass since this was more of magic corrupting what she wanted compared to Sunset actually wanting to use magic to destroy Equestria. And it’s not like this was the last time we saw Midnight Sparkle popping up as Twilight’s dark side. With Twilight afraid of embracing magic like her friends, she’s haunted by Midnight Sparkle during Legend of Everfree and worried about becoming her again. I guess Sunset was not too worried about it after the first movie, but was at least still distant about really being part of the group. But with this transformation including black feather wings, purple and black hair like flames, and glasses turned into smoke…glasses…  this was a shock to the system.

    Sonata's Taco Outfit
    With “Find the Magic” on literal repeat on my phone, I had to include Sonata’s festive outfit in Sunset's Backstage Pass. Again, this is something that I have to ask how this outfit even came to be. One line in Rainbow Rocks about Taco Tuesday and she’s not branded as the taco girl. Very reminiscent of a certain grey and blonde haired pony with a “ditzy” personality. All three of their outfits are interesting, but Adagio's is too similar to Sunset's usual outfits with the spikes and Aria's fur jacket isn't doing it for me. Maybe tacos is just one of those pandering things to happen here, it's unique and creative for out bubble headed villain.

    Starlight Glimmer's Human Look
    Ok I’m pretty sure we were all having collective fangasms when we get Starlight in the human world. Not only some world building about Sunset not seeing her in the human world (meaning there might not have already been a human Sunset), but we get someone who handles being human a lot better than Princess Ponylight. But she did have a tour guide and fellow magic student in Sunset. And with that we have probably an outfit anyone in the Midwest would wear. Ripped leggings, sleeveless vest, and a beanie makes for a really cute skater punk look. These two were truly meant to be in a rock duo based on personality and style alone. Thank you Mirror Magic for creating another unique ship for the fans.

    Pinkie's Hip Hop Style
    Dance Magic came with a lot of cute styles along with styles of dance. Between hip hop ballet and disco I couldn’t pick which I liked more. And then Pinkie starts to rap. The outfit just screams 80’s and 90’s hip hop with the backwards pants calling back to Kris Kross and the slit glasses and backwards hat. Maybe she’s a fan of The Fresh Prince. Pair it with some crazy good pop and lock moves from Pinkie and you have something memorable.

    Bulk Bicep's Pink Tux
    Note I said they were “memorable”, not good. And it’s not like I had to choose just female characters with the show being mostly female. This was something to behold during the aftermath of crazy plant lady in Legend of Everfree. I want to at least know what other options Bulk had before landing on this pink and blue suit with hot pink pants and glittery tie. At least I could believe he put in effort compared to Snips and Snails wearing literally what they wore at the Fall Formal in the first EqG movie. Don’t know if Bulk wore this at that time too, but with Bulk’s dancing I had to throw this in.

    Daydream Shimmer
    I know Nightmare Sparkle was something amazing to behold, but I can’t help but love Sunset’s transformation into Daydream Shimmer. Beautiful, elegant, and the peak of magical girl power ups. Something tells me the artists were fans of Magical Girl Madoka Chan. We did get a slight look at this form in "My Past is Not Today" music video. Never would’ve thought of light pink to work with Sunset when she’s used a lot of darker shades of pink and purple for a lot of her outfits, but it surprisingly worked here. I wish we could've had more moments with this over powered Sunset, but the brief moments we got of her like this is rare in it's power. And with the anime styled fight at the end of Friendship Games, this is truly one of my top moments.

    And now for some runner ups to end this because...yeah...

    Friendship Through the Ages
    Another great song and great music video, but all these styles from 80's pop to grunge to country was just so much to take in. I couldn't pick out whose style I liked and music wise I don't even do country. But with a music video going through several styles of music and fashion I had to make an honorable mentions of it. And again, it's only honorable mentions because I really couldn't pick a favorite.

    Geode Transformation
    I had mixed feelings on their geode transformation from Legend of Everfree. For each one there are things I like and don’t like. I like the coloration for all of them but dislike the sharp knife wings. I like the superhero styling of it but not the flared out parts on the bottom of the tops. It’s still memorable but I don’t like how much it’s used like in other shorts. I liked the designs for the dresses for the cave party, but it wasn’t as memorable and seen as much as their transformation designs.

    Shadowbolts Uniform
    Yeah I went to a school that had uniforms, but it never had this much variety to it. You can do a vest like on Sour Sweet, long blazer like on Lemon Zest, rolled up sleeves like for Indigo Zap, the ideas seem endless for change ups. And I do like the coloration with the burgundy and light blue accents. I didn’t know which to choose since it really depends on how you want to wear it, but it made for an interesting parallel to Canterlot High and their free dress.

    Wallflower Blush
    I have to give credit to the art team that gave us these wild colorful looks with giant shoes and legs for days on a lot of characters. And then they come in with this character with a sweater, blue jeans, and slide on gym shoes. It would be recognizable for fans to see as a cosplay, but without the fact that she was in Forgotten Friendship, you would think this was just someone’s regular outfit. It’s so basic and bland that it stands out even more in all the color that’s used for everyone else. Wallflower is still one of those antagonists that I wouldn’t call a favorite, but I won’t deny having this look as my go-to when just putting something on to go to the store.