• Pony Collection Event 2020 - The Collections!

    It's kinda wild how much of a shift we've seen toward lifesize ponies and custom merch as the years go on. A lot of these rooms are filled with the stuff now. Back years ago it was pretty much all official things.

    Your Pony Collection Event entries have been sorted! Head on down below to check out 54 awesome pony Piles!

    1 Too Much Plush - Chordus

    Art image 1
    89 plushes, representing over 40 plush makers from the community.

    2 Faust and her creations - Chordus

    Art image 2
    Lauren was kind enough to pose for a picture with all the main characters from the show (plus my own, because I'm shameless). Total props to her for putting up with shenanigans like these!

    3 Ton of Custom Pony Plush - Shane Lim

    Art image 3

    5 My Epic Pony Collection - Colby Vasile

    Art image 5

    6 My current MLP collection - Jeremy Dale

    Art image 6
    In the past couple of years my pony collection has started to grow. It started with my OC, Newmoon Winter ver. 1.0, and Rainbow Dash plushies, then came the figurines, and this past January at Vanhoover Pony Expo, I got an additional 3 plushies (Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Vanhoover's mascot, Sunny Showers). A couple of weeks ago I got a couple of small plushie versions of Dashie and Fluttershy, thanks to a friend of mine.

    7 2020 ponies 1of2 - alhorse

    Art image 7

    8 2020 ponies 2of2 - alhorse

    Art image 8

    9 Ponies Acquired Over The Past Year - Glimmering Sci_Twi

    Art image 9
    Gathering up every piece of Pony merch last year was quite a chore! This year I decided to gather up all the Pony merch I've obtained since last year's event!

    10 Ponies Acquired Over The Past Year- Equestria Girls - Glimmering Sci_Twi

    Art image 10
    Gathering up every piece of Pony merch last year was quite a chore! This year I decided to gather up all the Pony merch I've obtained since last year's event!

    11 - Lunazeta9

    Art image 11

    12 My MLP collection (2020) - theOwtcast

    Art image 12
    Thorax, Pharynx, and Ocellus were made by EpicRainbowCrafts.
    Follow the source link for more information on drawings and fanfics included in the picture.

    13 My modest collection - TrianguloY

    Art image 13
    Each object is special in some way, and most of them have a story behind.

    14 MLP Collection 2020 - Devin Jonas

    Art image 14

    15 8 Years of "Horse"manship - Angelo Samano

    Art image 15
    Part of my collection in my 8 years as an MLP "horse" man. Enjoy some of it.

    16 Operation SEAPonycon Haul - Angelo Samano

    Art image 16
    Some good pony stuff I obtained from the Southeast Asian MLP event "Operation SEAPonycon". And my tired and sleepy Spikey-Wikeys and Luna.

    17 MLP Collection Event 2020- Con mascots and books - lordalexander74

    Art image 17
    One shelf full of pony books. Another one in a corner full of Fallout Equestria fics, with plushies and prints. And my collection of convention mascot plushies. Well over 50 printed pony fics by now,

    18 MLP Collection Event 2020- Plushies, Prints, Toys - lordalexander74

    Art image 18
    Couch full of plushies, shelves full of assorted MLP toys from every generation. Wall Scrolls, Jenn Blake art, PaperPony shadowboxes. Those Funko RD Hikari figures (I've yet to find the 1/500 and 1/400 variations anywhere...). I have 22 Applejack plushies, best pony.

    20 My little pony Collection Event 2020 by MonsterGlad part 1 - Monster Glad

    Art image 20
    // Link to this photo on deviantart : https://www.deviantart.com/monsterglad/art/Equestria-Daily-pony-Collection-Event-2020-part-1-834079183

    The first time I decided to show my collection :)
    I was going to do it last year also but missed the time for submissions.

    Over 700 ponies, original and russian comics, background pony, lost of various pony stuff (in the drawer under collection, no on this photo )

    There are also some awesome craft ponies :
    Large plush princess Luna and small plush Luna with soft mane by :icon1stastrastudio:
    Princess Luna figure by :iconshuxer59:
    Reflections Luna and Celestia plush by craft-morris who unfortunately doesn't have deviantart. Link to group in vk: vk.com/jollymorris
    Small Luna figure by vk.com/linaalexxo
    Ponies from the soft plastic (lying Luna and ponies which stand on mane-iac figure ) by vk.com/anima_vernalis

    21 My little pony Collection Event 2020 by MonsterGlad part 2 - Monster Glad

    Art image 21
    // Link to this photo on deviantart : https://www.deviantart.com/monsterglad/art/Equestria-Daily-pony-Collection-Event-2020-part-2-834080789

    23 RizDub's pony collection 2020 - RizDub

    Art image 23
    It may not be as big as others' collections, but I figured I'd submit it anyway!

    25 Pony Collection Event 2020: Lionshy - Lionshy

    Art image 25
    Wow, I've gotten so much more pony merch since the last event!! More towels, blankets, all of that good stuff!! Although the show has ended, that will not stop me from showing my love and support for this amazing show. This is the first time I had to use YouTube to show off each part; it would have been impossible to fit it all in two images.

    I've also added a link to the entire gallery on the description page for the video. Since I made the video "for kids", leave any questions and comments in the "Say Something" area on Google Photos. Thanks!!

    26 The Final Piece(s) pt.1 - SunsetDash_31

    Art image 26
    This is my 4th year in entering this competition and I'm very happy to be taking part of it as well as being part of this wonderful fandom. Anyway, here's my collection of unofficial mlp merch which I got from fun runs, book fairs, and the most recent event I've been to last November: Operation SEAPonyCon which held its 3rd convention here in the PH.

    27 The Final Piece(s) pt.2 - SunsetDash_31

    Art image 27
    LO AND BEHOLD. I PRESENT TO YOU 4 YEARS WORTH OF MERCH. Right after I brought my 1st pieces, which were 3 EqG minis, I became more motivated to start a collection of my very own and never knew it would grow like this in just a span of 4 years. All I can say that this is the best years of my teenage years because I enjoyed so much because of the show and it made me more motivated in life too.

    28 Silou's pony collection - Silou

    Art image 28
    Hello, I'm Silou, a french brony since 2013.
    I've been amassing pony stuff for years which has quickly been taking a lot of place in my flat (and my life) ! Fortunately, I've slowed down now
    Anyway, here is most of my collection, hope you'll enjoy it. I have special stories for a part of those objects, from presents to conventions
    Anyway, find me on Twitter @Silou_Atien :)

    29 MLP Collection 2020 - Sugar-Loop

    Art image 29
    Technically uploaded late in November for the 2019 contest, it still looks the same for 2020!

    30 Snowblind's Pony Horde - Snowblind

    Art image 30
    Pile o' Starlight!

    Much more can be seen in my gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/uF95i

    31 - Twi.ce.shy

    Art image 31
    This is my home computer room/ office and about a year ago I decided to give it a personal touch...meaning fill it with pony. I've had great fun putting this room together, and I still have a few plans for it, like adding LED lighting to the display cases.

    32 pony comp - gum78

    Art image 32

    33 pony comp 2 - gum78

    Art image 33

    34 Stable-1201 - Anubis

    Art image 34
    Artwork is the Newest addition to the Stable this year. Covered more than half the ceiling. Plus some more pony friends here and there. Zoom in and take a peek around. Walkthrough Video on Youtube search "Stable-1201 Walk Through (MLP Collection Event 2020)"

    35 Stable-1201 - Anubis

    Art image 35
    Artwork is the Newest addition to the Stable this year. Covered more than half the ceiling. Plus some more pony friends here and there. Zoom in and take a peek around. Walkthrough Video on Youtube search "Stable-1201 Walk Through (MLP Collection Event 2020)"

    37 My Tiny Collection - Ryan Helton

    Art image 37
    My first time submitting anything to Equestria Daily! (Besides soapboxes) I'm no photographer, but I hope you all enjoy!

    39 My Pony Collection 2020 - Live Spark

    Art image 39

    40 My Little Pony Merch Collection - Rainbows2424

    Art image 40
    My MLP Merch Collection as of 2020. It’s pretty small, don’t ya think?

    43 - zombienixon

    Art image 43

    44 Fan Works Theme - Frith

    Art image 44
    Trying to photograph all the swag is exhausting. It's scattered everywhere in my house, from my shirt drawer to my glass cabinets, my kitchen table, my book shelves, my walls, my bed, my CD racks, my computer, my cupboard and even my freezer. So I decided to go with a theme, fan works, and build up from there. I don't know why I thought the fern was such a great idea a couple of weeks ago, but there it is. See if you can find which item came from We Love Fine? What did Michael Creber and Black Gryph0n sign? Which of the CD's is by Nicholas Dominique? Which plush is by Fun Rise? Which figure glows in the dark? Which figure lights up? What massive tome is Happy Meal 2011 Twilight reading?

    45 Garden Party - Frith

    Art image 45
    Power up, ponies! The Magic of Friendship grows giant vegetables. Yee-haw! Now _that's_ what I'm talkin' about! Fresh Spring greens! I gathered up my cutie-pox style figurines for this montage. Fluttershy didn't have a cutie-pox variant but Rainbow Dash has three! So I picked just one Dash, You know how Twilight is with doppelgangers.

    46 - Anna

    Art image 46

    47 - OwlPirate

    Art image 47

    48 My Little Ponies - Brad

    Art image 48
    Thank you for all you do for this fandom uwu

    49 EQG Rainbow Dash Collection Part 1 - ajnrules

    Art image 49
    I've decided to focus my collection on EQG Rainbow Dash. Here is my collection of EQG Rainbow Dash minis

    50 EQG Rainbow Dash Collection Part 2 - ajnrules

    Art image 50
    I've decided to focus my collection on EQG Rainbow Dash. Here is my collection of EQG Rainbow Dash physical commissions with art by Tony Fleecs and Baron Engel

    51 Fluttershy Plushie Mountain! - NatureShy (Flutterbatty)

    Art image 51
    NOTE: There is only one each of these two Flutterbat plushies laying on/by the pink fluffy pillow (SEE asterisk on image, larger one made by MyLittleWaifu and smaller one by LanaCraft),
    but I wanted to show their usual display location on the shelf, which is why there seems like there is a “duplicate� of both. Otherwise it would have looked like an empty shelf lol.

    Not the entire collection, but around 85% of it. Other items not shown include “The Art of My Little Pony: The Movie� book, “Flutterbat Eating Apple� wallscroll, Daring Do engraved compass, My Little Pony Movie Poster, 3 My Little Pony Movie Enterplay Posters, a Fluttershy "I dislike Mondays" mug, a Dashie head mug, a Dashie lamp, and a bunch of collectible special foil cards and other regular collectible MLP trading cards in a binder. There are also other foil cards (like my favorite Fluttershy card), and others hidden behind the pile of plushies.

    52 Flutterbat's Lair - NatureShy (Flutterbatty)

    Art image 52
    Close-up of my MyLittleWaifu Flutterbat display shelf, with LED strip lighting above set to magenta.

    Big laying Flutterbat by MyLittleWaifu (ButtercupbabyPPG) (was purchased second-hand last fall, and is one of my top two favorite plushies I own)
    Small kitten sized Flutterbat by LanaCraft
    Large custom Fluttershy figure by Vita96
    Small 3D Printed Fluttershy from Shapeways (no longer in production)

    53 Pony Collection 2020 Event: Update - Lionshy

    Art image 53
    Updated my previous entry due to my newest blanket arriving on April 2!! Easily my favorite; it's a blanket of Viwrastupr's "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", which is in my opinion, my favorite work of pony fanart ever. Meanwhile, check out the Google Photos album I linked, it's my entire collection of various pony merchandise, with the majority being pony towels, blankets, and fabrics, with plenty of other memorabilia like books, stationery, puzzles, crafts, dollar store goods, and more!! I love my pony towels and blankets, I sleep with them and cuddle them at night, and I do my best to keep good care of them. I'm so proud of this collection and the time I have spent in this fandom, and I couldn't be happier to have these ponies in my mind. Thank you everyone!! -Alex

    54 - Janiesponies