• No Ponies Around the World This Summer. We Need Event Ideas!

    Due to it being very much a bad idea to tell you all to go flood landmarks around the world and take pictures, we are going to go ahead and postpone Ponies Around the World this year. When will it happen? I honestly am not sure. It really depends on where the virus is. From the sounds of it, this is going to work in waves. It might be a while before things are fully opened up.When doctors, nurses, and scientists collectively we are safe, we will launch.

    For now though, we could really use some other event ideas for the summer. We will most likely be doing the usual Artist Training Ground and of course pony theme days and random open art events in between, but I'd like to do something photography based to bring in along with anything else we can do to make things less bland.

    So, good pony fans of Equestria Daily, I once again beg for your brainpower. What should we do to make summer more pony-filled?