• More Pony Music! Chillhop, Jazz, Happy Hardcore!

    Faster than a spiky-haired buster sword-wielder can blow up a mako reactor, the community keeps pouring pony music by the day and it's ever so wonderful witnessing that and appreciating all those fan works. Lots of diversity once more in this new roundup post, in musical genres as well as in themes, ranging from EQG characters to show characters to even community members, and this time we've even got Piano and Jazz covers of the Theme Song!

    1. Branrich VanIstner - A Diamond At Sea
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Yet another EQG-inspired beauty from Branrich, this time about best EQG girl!

    2. TheTaZe - Winter Is Almost Over
    Instrumental - Chillhop
    A chill track that will make you notice the Changing Seasons...

    3. Ethan Toavs - My Little Pony Theme Song (Classical Sonata Allegro)
    Instrumental - Piano Solo
    Ethan adapted the melody from the classic MLP Theme Song already present in previous generations, into a full Classical Sonata Allegro!

    4. 4EverfreeBrony - Applejack (Kenny Wayne Shepherd Parody)
    Vocal - Country Rock
    A blissful Country Rock song about Applejack that you can just imagine being played in a barn, part of an upcoming ponification album!

    5. Burning Gryphon - Deevoted To Dee Artist
    Vocal - Pop Punk
    Expressing love toward a fellow pony artist, Burning Gryphon dedicated this song to Dripponi!

    6. Aaron Breeze - Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram)
    Instrumental - Jazz
    We're lucky to get this Jazz arrangement of the Theme Song by Aaron! Definitely a bliss if you appreciate this genre like me!

    7. Perne - Hey Sweetie!
    Instrumental - Trance
    Old-school fast-pace Trance courtesy of Perne, with a lovely title!

    8. Voltex Pixel & TheTaZe - Shyness
    Instrumental - House
    Voltex collabed with TheTaZe for a Fluttertrack bringing the cuteness with many yays and woohoos!

    9. ƥRYZ & Layl - Best Friends
    Instrumental - Happy Hardcore
    Matching Silverstream's positivity with an upbeat instrumental, Best Friends is definitely very cute and happy with those sounds and melodies!

    10. Pernegyre - Sirens Lament
    Vocal - Gabber
    A very cool musical experiment themed around the Dazzlings and sampling their voices throughout the track!

    SlightlyAmiss - Just Passing Time (2020)
    Daniel Ingram - Legend of Everfree (Rod Steven's Eurobeat Remix 2020)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!