• Midair Pony Fair Online Pony Convention May 1st!

    With so many conventions either delayed or moving till next year, it might not seem like there is much to do on the horizon. Thankfully our community has never let obstacles get in our way and we usually find some way to make the best out of a crappy situation!

    And that is just what some great ponies decided to do as they announce the launching of Midair Pony Fair! An Online Pony Convention that is going to take place May 1st! With special guests and activities, if you're feeling bored from being stuck at home or just need a break from the pandemic it should serve as a welcome distraction.

    Check on after the break for the full details!

    If you'd like to participate, vendor and panel applications are still open till April 20th!

    Come join us for Midair Pony Fair, an online pony convention taking to the skies on May 1st 5pm EDT!

    We know the quarantine has got a lot of people down at the moment. With many conventions now cancelling or moving online, we have to say how inspired we are that the fandom still stays strong despite the circumstances. Our fellow online conventions are a huge testament to that.
    Midair Pony Fair started as a small idea way off in December last year. But we decided that we needed to do something to get people’s hopes up during these trying times. With Midair Pony Fair, it’d be our honour to bring a whole day of fun and excitement right to your screens.

    A whole convention made by artists for creators of all kinds, Midair Pony Fair will be streamed entirely on our twitch channel for a full 24 hours, featuring panels, games, live music, and much more!! 

    We will even be featuring a full-fledged vendor hall that will be made available on our website through which you can give your support to the wonderful creators of this fandom.

    With the new online medium, we wanted to do something that physical cons couldn’t really do. So it is our pleasure to announce a series of panels titled Ponies of the World where we feature special guests from fandoms in different regions of the world to see how they experience the show and show off their wonderful creations. So stay tuned for Ponies of the World: China and Ponies of the World: Russia!

    Of course no convention would be complete without special guests and of that we’ve got a host of them from all walks of the fandom. Featuring Alumx, Imalou, Minty Root, Midnight Premiere, Silver Quill, My Little Ties and Somber!

    We also have our rocking lineup of talented musicians that will be performing for you that day, featuring the likes of PrinceWhateverer, 4Everfreebrony, dBPony, Faulty, Poni1Kenobi, Metajoker and Luna Jax!

    We’d like to remind everyone that Panel and Vendor applications are still open till the 20th April!! Apply now on our website! https://midairponyfair.com/applications

    Check out our links here if you’d like to follow up on what’s happening. We hope you’ll join us up in the air this May!

    Twitter: Calpain