• LyraBon Music: Faulty & John Kenza - Best Of Friends (feat. PegasYs) [Melodic House]

    The last pre-release from Ignite before the break of dawn, Best Of Friends is a sweet, sweet collab from Faulty, John Kenza and PegasYs that sings about an equally sweet theme, that of the love shared between Lyra and Bon Bon! We saw how it got expressed in the show, and it's wonderful to have a song giving the musicians' own take at what those two have been feeling and thinking. Let's dive in the bliss of cute vocals and an uplifting instrumental, and join the musicians in the celebration of love!! No matter if you call yourselves "friends" or "lovers" or something else, what matters is the true love felt inside! And love... has no limits!! I can tell from experience!