• Equestria Girls: Text Support Follow Up

    In the hip and trendy world of using icons and pictures to represent words, we come to this Choose Your Ending short where I’m glad an eggplant was never involved. We explore more shipping material with Twilight and Timber, we see how text messaging works in this world, and I slowly feel my age creeping up on me when even on my first viewing, I had no idea what was going on. But I’m sure with Twilight’s friends, she can work hard and totally not make an awkward mess of a simple solution of…possibly just calling him to know what he wants. But that’s just me. Let’s see what the others try to do in this situation.

    Leave it to Pinkie to only appreciate chemistry class if she can come up with some weird cupcake recipe. This time it’s called Jalapeno Super Nova cupcake frosting. Which I guess isn’t gonna be spicy for her, but then again, it’s not pure rainbow.

    I can take a wild guess and say her sprinkle powers are what caused the cupcake frosting to be deemed as “super nova”. Poor Snips and Snails. The moment that stuff gets in your eyes, you’re going to regret not giving Pinkie a stern talking to. Always wear your goggles during dangerous experiments.

    So this was the odd text Twilight gets from Timber Spruce. Right off the bat, very cute icon for his picture. Also…did anybody…ANYBODY…understand a single thing from this message?!? I can maybe guess going out for ice cream but I didn’t get anything else out of this. Could’ve just typed out the whole message instead of having me play Pictionary with your message. Maybe he was busy, but you were able to find all the emojis you needed for the message while you could’ve just used your keyboard to type.
    (Editor’s Note: Do I sound more like an old lady than I thought I did?)

    Rarity Option

    With someone as trendy as Rarity, it probably would make sense to have her help. I can’t imagine any other character more into her phone than her and maybe it helps her get those clients she should be getting with all the outfits she makes.

    Rarity: “Robot, shooting star, trophy. Hahaha!! Oh he’s a witty one.”
    Yeah this selection is not so much a translation, but having Rarity type everything out without explanation. I do not have mature friends to have something like that happen. Twilight is way too trusting here. I mean, who knows what any of that meant.

    Yep I’m showing my age. What did any of this mean?!? Ice cube and snail means she’s cool but takes it slow? They almost made out at the cave party in Legend of Everfree! Don’t backtrack her Rarity. And what’s the obvious reason for the pyramid? What does pyramid mean? Are they sneaking in another adult joke?

    So according to…randomness, this means that Twilight and Timber are meeting on Sunday at 3 o’ clock for ice cream. Uhhh…isn’t there an ice cream emoji she could’ve used? Could’ve used the number 3 to represent the time. Am I just too forward in my text messages? If I would’ve done something this roundabout, I probably wouldn’t get a text message back due to confusion. Still need to know what a pyramid is supposed to mean, but I’m gonna hope it’s G rated.

    The only thing that made sense in this whole option. And I need whatever keyboard they have here that gives me a cute Twilight smiley face. It is a mighty need!!! I need all the characters with cute smiley faces like this. So I’m pretty sure with all these results, Timber isn’t gonna block her and break up so in terms of usefulness, I guess this option is fine. If you’re gonna have a friend text for you then make sure it’s a really, really good and trusting friend. But at least Rarity was a good translator for this even when I had no idea what anything meant here.

    Fluttershy Option

    I wouldn’t think Fluttershy of all people would be one to be text savvy, but maybe with how timid she is she’s just as quiet in text messages. Instead of words she used emojis. It makes sense in a strange antisocial way. 

    Fluttershy: “I’d start with a bird. Then iguana, guinea pig, regular pig, frog, baby chick in the egg, baby chick out of the egg, all three see no evil monkeys, cat, cat, cat, cat, all the cats, and umm…finish it with a squirrel on his hind legs.”

    Why do I feel like my mother did this same thing when she first discovered emojis other than the yellow faces?

    Twilight: “What did we just send?”
    Fluttershy: “A bunch of cute animal emojis.”

    Fluttershy…you had one job. One job and that was to help Twilight with texting. Not blow his phone up with animal emojis. What was even the point in all of that? And there wasn’t even a dog emoji mentioned not once. And I should know. I listened and typed out everything after hearing it about 10 times. I hope they gave Andrea Libman plenty of water for this read out.

    So by sheer luck, Timber took it as a yes to going to the zoo. Because of course there are squirrels at the zoo. I want to say this worked, but this really was just the luckiest turn of events where Timber came up with whatever Fluttershy was saying. It’s an A for effort, but maybe not send something this random. Otherwise, it might get a bit confusing down the line. And again, if he could’ve just sent words, this probably wouldn’t have happened. But zoo dates are always nice and I guess I can agree to what Fluttershy said. Any problem can be solved with cute animals.

    Sunset Option

    For a pony turned human girl, Sunset would probably be an expert at human interactions. It’s not too different from saying hello to a pony citizen, but I’m sure something would see odd if you said “you have some leaves in your mane” to a human. But you can always leave it to Miss Cool to just tell Twilight to ask him what he meant. She sips the tea of truth!!!

    Well…can’t say we’ve all haven’t had a bad photo for our friend’s contact list. But lo and behold!!! Sunset is actually…using the phone as a phone and calling Timber. Oh snap!!! I’ve never heard of such a thing. Using a phone and an actual telephone? Blasphemy! Preposterous! Other European words of exclamation!

    Why do we even need any other reasons why Sunset is best human? Best wingman ever! And always happy to help her nervous nerdy friend with boy troubles.

    See! Even Twilight is shocked that cellphones can still make phone calls. So the real meaning of the message was to see if Twilight wanted to play Pirate Alligator Mini Golf on the weekend. So we finally get exactly what the message at the top really was. At long last the cryptic message is finally cracked and Sunset was probably the only one who got the real message of what they were supposed to be doing. Big points to Sunset!
    Yeah I had to capture this great image. And I can tell this is the face who realized she was freaking out about Sunset calling him and realized that he probably heard her freak out the whole time. But she was at least able to say yes without the need of emojis and that’s a win in my book.
    So that was Text Support, a mess of technology and nerves that had Twilight in a pinch that probably didn’t need to happen. Of course out of all of these Sunset’s option was probably the most simple. Maybe could’ve just texted in words what she wanted to say, but calling was truly the quickest way of solving this issue. Maybe Fluttershy would come in second but not by much only because nobody knew what they were really doing or agreeing to. Rarity was at least helping in knowing what Twilight would like to do and being the middle man between them but was not really clearing things up. All I can say is I might just use random emojis just to stop people from calling me. Maybe include a knife emoji or something to really hit home. I’m Penny Wrights and I got some pony emojis to find.
    (Editor's Note: No eggplant emojis were used in the making of this short)