• Equestria Girls: Leaping off the Page Follow Up

    Due to the nation’s current…situations, we find ourselves in need of more hobbies to try from the comforts of our homes. With that, the media world has been taken over by bread baking, strict cleaning regiments, and music and dance based social media creations. What’s not always brought up is reading. But I’m glad Rainbow Dash is leading the way to more book reading. I need to be this absorbed in reading as Rainbow Dash is. If I were to say what the moral of this short is, it’s probably the obvious “reading is fundamental” thing. That and you should probably remember prior responsibilities before getting sucked into the world of literature. 

    Messy dresser with socks hanging out, blue guitar, medals and trophies, dishes that weren’t put away, and a nice reptile tank in the corner. Yeah this is Rainbow Dash room. And I’m happy to see it’s not too different from her pony counterpart (though I wished they had the tortoise slippers somewhere in the room).

    Gotta love her enthusiasm with just wanting to read her favorite book series. And the cover for the book is pretty spot on for human version of Daring Do. I’ll also have to mention the added details of the Fall Formal and picture booth pictures on her wall. Very nice continuity. I also have to wonder if Rainbow Dash has taken a look at possibly fan fictions about her favorite book series. Technically speaking, Daring Do actually exists in this world under the A.K. Yearling alias. And if “Stranger Than Fan Fiction” is also parallel to this world, then she’s probably aware of the body pillows of her.

    Never forget.

    I do wonder if this is something a lot of book readers do. Does anybody actually imagine themselves as the main character in the novel they’re reading? For me, I just imagine how the character might look if there’s clear descriptions and if there’s a celebrity that comes to mind, I can’t help but hear their voice. But then again, Daring Do is a color swap of RD so it’s probably not so bad to put yourself in the story.

    Slingshot: *HONK, HONK!*
    Yeah, were getting into some weird moments of slight distractions for Rainbow Dash. This may have happened when I’ve been absorbed in a book before. I don’t think the Sorting Hat should sound like my mother asking me where I put the phone charger.

    And just in the nick of time, she swings on a vine tied to nothing while swinging across the canyon, precious artifact in hand. I guess this would have to be what happens since Daring Do doesn’t have wings in this world. Not trying to be a Quibble Pants here, but seriously what is this vine hanging from?

    OK I give props to a really cool shot. Shadow and coloring is great for giving an “other worldly” feel to the area. And somehow it’s not sunset instead of the midday time frame when running from a villain. I can guess she ran for that long, but that’s a long time to run through a jungle. And to have it paired with loud stomping sounds gives it a great feel of dread.

    Oh these moments. Don’t even get me started. I’m a big fan of mystery and horror books so when I’m really into what’s going on, do not come near me or touch me. I’ll most likely scream and flail about for no reason. The number of mini heart attacks that happened from reading Goosebumps as a kid makes me glad to have a bedroom I can read in with a lock on my door.

    Ok maybe I didn’t relocate to a different place all together when freaked out, but my books sure have found their way out of my hands at those times. The concerned looks on Rarity and Twilight’s face really sells the moment someone interrupts someone reading a good book. Twilight should understand this feeling better than anyone, but I do think Human Twilight might be more tech friendly than Pony Princess Twilight due to the era of technology and in the human world compared to books and scrolls in the pony world. Not to mention the difference in Rainbow Dash already being a fan of Daring Do compared to her getting into the books from Twilight in “Read It and Weep”. It’s the little differences that makes this not just a copy and paste of the original series.

    This is the face of so many questions. This feels like she was really contemplating on staying in to read or to go with her friends to the movies. Either that or wondering who let them into her house. But since we’ve seen RD’s parents, I’m pretty sure they showed them in after polishing their “Rainbow Dash is Best Girl” statue.

    Slice of life sitcom moments like these are what really makes this series fun. No questions asked, Rainbow Dash is ready for the movies, and we get a cute shot of Twilight and Rarity just rolling with it. I do feel bad about Applejack probably having the motor running the whole time they were waiting. Rainbow Dash literally said she would have the whole afternoon to read her book so this was just a bit of poor planning.
    And that was Leaping off the Page, a look at someone sitting down and reading while they let their imagination take hold. This was a cute moment for Rainbow Dash and we get a look at how wild her imagination can be when reading. And I did look up that Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds is a real book so anybody can get engrossed in the adventures of Daring Do. Anything you do randomly while reading books? Imagine celebrities as the characters, do the voices in your head, or just have to have a certain space to feel comfortable reading. I’m a big fan of mystery so if you like that genre, I’d recommend anything by Mary Higgins Clark. Let me know what books or authors you guys like. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta download a lot of books.