• Discussion: How Old Were the Mane 6 Before the Time Skip?

    They are staring into your SOUL.

    This is something that has been thought of a lot over the years, and something I've wanted to do a dedicated discussion post on for a while. Unfortunately I have the memory of a goldfish so I always forgot.

    Not today though!

    Many of our favorite pones are well into their careers by the time the show ended. Rarity has multiple successful boutiques, Dashie is a Wonderbolt, Twilight is a ruler, Fluttershy has a sanctuary, and Applejack... appuls. How old do you think they each were in the end? Not counting the many year time skip in the season epilogue. Are we talking late 20's or maybe even 30's? Was each season a full year? What do you think they started at?

    Go discuss below!