• Scootaloo & Dashie Music: LuckyDragon - To The Sky [Synthpop]

    Best known in the community for his uniquely emotional PMV works that are always so cherished, LuckyDragon aka TheLightLeavesThee is also a musician, but this is no plot twist since he actually already made pony music in the past, as Hero Pony (see this collab with FlightTune from 2013!) Kicking off a fresh start with this new alias, LuckyDragon presents us a lovely tribute to the sisterly relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash, that will just make you melt! Read the description on YouTube for more details on the story! Those mellow feelings expressed here through the lyrics and vocals are a perfect match for the melodic and aerial instrumental, and this gets me excited for future releases from the musician!