• New Online Pony Convention "PonyFest Online" Happening This Weekend

    Due to the Coronavirus wreaking havoc on scheduled conventions everywhere, a new project has arrived hoping to get people some con love virtually instead. PonyFest Online will be happening on the 28th of the month, with loads of community guests, artists, show staffers, and more already confirmed to be "attending". Not even the world shutting down can stop the pony train!

    Get the presser below.

    PonyFest Online!: Coming to a Screen Near You March 28

    Look, the few weeks have been... weird! The global outbreak of COVID-19 has affected many things we take for granted, including My Little Pony conventions, with a pair of the best conventions in the business either postponed or outright canceled.

    In the last week or so, the brony community has risen to the occasion, supporting the vendors and artists who’ve been affected by the postponements and cancellations not just in our fandom but also outside it.

    And here’s hoping we can help out a bit too. While also giving you something to do this weekend.

    We’re PonyFest Online. We’re a group of convention veterans who decided, like many events before us, that you don’t have to hang out in person to have a convention. Not a novel concept, no! But it'

    This Saturday, March 28, we’ll be taking to Discord to present a day-long event full of a virtual artist alley. panels, games, streams and more.

    By tuning in, you’ll have a chance to purchase wares from your favorite pony artists and vendors. You'll also be able to view some fantastic online programming from some of the fandom’s top content creators — plus perhaps a few special guests -- and play some games with your fellow fans, watch art livestreams... shoot, in many ways, it’s not too dissimilar from an IRL ponycon experience. Minus the lines. And that one guy who forgot to shower. Well, look, maybe he’s still around, but you can’t smell him this time. He can’t hurt you.

    Already we've announced a dozen awesome guests, including My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic show staffer Jim Miller, IDW MLP comic book artists Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner, Big Mac voice actor Peter New and a host of community guests, among them Dustykatt, RiffPonies, Forward Progress, ACRacebest, Saberspark, Simul, Viwrastupr, Silver Quill, Foalpapers and ChocoPony. More coming, too, including a full vendor list and even musicians!

    Questions? Comments? We’re @ponyfestonline on all the pertinent social media platforms! We've also got a Discord server we'd love for you to join, as well a website, https://ponyfest.horse/.

    Come hang out this Saturday. Support the vendors who’ve helped make this fandom what it is. Be entertained. And do it all from your comfiest chair in your own house. Heck yeah.