• More Pony Music! Keeping Hope with Wishful Songs!

    Let us keep hope for a bright future for the world and humanity, my brethren! I'm sure the ponies of Equestria are looking at us with high hopes, so let's not disappoint them, and let's show them what we've learned from their world! Thankfully, pony music is still flowing in the community and we've got lots to appreciate as always! Check out what everypony has been up to after the break!

    1. Ethan Toavs - Catching A Wish
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    We even have bronies paying tribute to older gens of MLP with music and that is so awesome. Here Ethan is presenting us a beautiful piece inspired by the G3 movie "Dancing In The Clouds"! Such a fluffy name and fan work do make me interested!

    2. GeekBrony - Pony Zone (Twilight and Fluttershy voice synthesizers by 15.ai)
    Vocal - Dance
    Putting the (super realistic) Twilight and Fluttershy voice generators from 15.ai to good use, GeekBrony did what just had to happen sooner or later in a community like ours. Big mature content/language warning, this is not for kids, only check it out if you are ready to enter the Pony Zone.

    3. HittCell - [email protected] Appreciation Mix
    Vocal - Electronic
    A heartfelt mix of Ponies at Dawn tracks by HittCell!

    4. RottenTotten - At The Break of Day (Altius Volantis Remix)
    Instrumental - Trance
    Altius remixed RottenTotten's track in a day, and what resulted is such a cool atmosphere and epic buildup, as if to hype an impending battle!

    5. fanta§y - Daydreaming in a Weather Factory
    Instrumental - Experimental
    Experimental music lives on! DAϟH visited Couldsdale's Weather Factory and met his musical alter ego there, fanta§y, and they experimented with sound!

    6. Harmonic Six - Flutterdreams
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A short yet very sweet piece using the flute to represent Fluttershy's comfy world of peace and kindness!

    7. Ocean Melody - March of the Tides
    Instrumental - Lyre
    A new tribute to the fanfic "Background Pony" from Ocean Melody, that definitely aces that bittersweet vibe!

    8. Equestrify - Doppelganger
    Instrumental - Trap
    An ominous Trap beat fitting for Chrysalis plotting revenge, and you can hear her evil laugh throughout the track too!

    9. LaunchSix - Distance Between Us
    Instrumental - House
    A more uplifting and cuddly time in LaunchSix's hard-hitting Gravity EP, this track is all about the power of love in long-distance relationships and I so love that!

    10. Eniix - Flutter Rage (Pony Killerz 2016 Remix)
    Vocal - ElectroTrash
    Pony Killerz revamped the nostalgia from Eniix's Fluttertrack sampling the iconic rampage from The Best Night Ever in a localized dub! You're going to love it!

    Pony Lab - Daft Punk Technologic Twilight Sparkle Version by Anon (Twilight voice synthesizer by 15.ai)
    PhonicBoom - I Made Fluttershy Rap A Bad Copypasta (Fluttershy voice synthesizer by 15.ai)
    JustKat - So Much More To Me (Vocal Cover)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!