• Midnight Mares Returns with 5 New Animatics

     After a pretty long perioud of silence in regards to Midnight Mares, the project has returned with 5 animatic releases over on Youtube to get people prepped for the pilot episode dropping some time in the future. They have a new lead animator and are looking to recruit people for voice work.

    Head on down below for the animatics, along with a small press release.

    (Update - Looks like blogger broke embeds. They are here now!)


    Duo Cartoonist Animatics Release

    March 20, 2020 - Since Duo Cartoonist recently departed the Brony fandom, the Midnight Mares team (whose 2014/2019 original Midnight Mares teaser trailer was storyboarded and animated by Duo Cartoonist) has just uploaded five separate animatics on our YouTube channel. The animatics have also been updated with narration/dialogue, soundtracks, and a few additional bells and whistles. By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Midnight Mares (and plan to check out DC's animatics) channel visitors are encouraged to first watch the 2019 teaser trailer, which incorporates a new cast and several new scenes, followed by the numbered animatics.

    Regarding the upcoming Midnight Mares pilot episode, we have recently brought on board a new lead animator, as well as a consultant, who are well known among the fandom. Lastly, we are in the early stages of partnering with a popular YouTube composer, who is composing a breathtaking musical score, not to mention already cast (and are still casting) for several lead and supporting roles. We welcome voiceover auditions (ages 6-60) from the Brony/Pegasister community. Casting inquiries can be submitted to: midnightmaresseries@gmail.com and should include your name, along with a headshot/photo and resume. Voiceover work will be compensated and credited accordingly.

    FYI: Any YouTube videos uploaded prior to 2019, will not be incorporated into the upcoming pilot episode, but are still available for viewing.

    Additional announcements are coming soon.