• Luna Music: Djohn Mema - The Moon Light (feat. SlightlyAmiss, Cyril the Wolf & Sable Symphony) [Metal]

    This is just the kind of initiatives that I love to see!! Djohn Mema & Friends teamed up for a deep Luna-themed track that expresses much of her character depth around the story events we're all familiar with, and it does that amazingly with both clean and screaming vocals and a Metal composition that is heavy and blissful. With such bass, drums, and guitar performances, we can feel the musicians being in harmony while playing and singing this tribute to the characters, and that is a wonderful thing. While listening, we can feel connected through our own Passion too, and I thank the musicians for this!! Everypony give it up for Djohn Mema, SlightlyAmiss, Cyril the Wolf and Sable Symphony!