• Doom Eternal's DOOMicorn Has a Few Pony References

    DOOM Eternal releases on the 20th of this month, and they've apparently adopted a few pony references to pander to our crazy fandom here. The "Doomicorn" skin brings on a Doomguy with a unicorn horn, pegasus wings, and various girly colors. Apparently they are limiting it to Twitch Prime members, so you'll need to be signed up for that to get it. Their official press release is where the actual more direct pony references happen.

    Find that and some videos about it below!

    Presser with pony stuff: 

    Starting March 20th, 2020, claim the DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection for DOOM Eternal, exclusive to Twtich Prime members.

    The DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection includes:
    • 'DOOMicorn’ Slayer Skin
    • ‘Purple Pony’ Skin Variant
    • ‘Night-mare’ Skin Variant
    • ‘Magic Meadow’ Base Podium
    • ‘For Those Who Dare to Dream!’ Maxed-Out Podium
    • ‘Clip Clop’ Stance Animation
    • ‘Haymaker’ Intro Animation
    • ‘Horsing Around’ Victory Animation
    • ‘Love Conquers All’ Player Icon
    • ‘Super Sparkle Slayer’ Nameplate & Title
    To unlock this Prime content, link your Bethesda.net account to your Twitch account with Prime membership and claim the DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection directly from Twitch between March 20 and April 21.

    Variant skins in this video:

    Thanks to Sombra for the heads up