• Compilation Album: A State of Sugar - Brownie

    It is out!! New mega compilation album "Brownie" from initiative A State of Sugar is now available in full on Bandcamp, so go grab it and tell your love and appreciation to the musicians as well as the staff for the labor of love they made!! I have many favorites. Camelia's contributions Messy Brownie and Dangerous Magic and their pony emotion, Eksoka's Sartoria VIP and its hotness, Doodled's song Fresh Coat about our beloved background painter pony, wuchta and SDreamExplorerS' collab Powerless that is so emotional, Ni┼éch'i Poni's Skies Ablush and its heavenly Flutterchops, Single Purpose's chill and deep Protector Of Dreams that is most probably Luna-themed, the lovely duos of Blackened Blue/MC-Arch and Tw3Lv3 & Cynifree for tracks #19 and #20, Koron's insane remix of Calm Of The Sky, Heartsong's masterpiece full of medieval european music style titled Cloudsbane, Ebunix sampling Pinkie's line from one of my favorite MLP episodes ever Party Pooped with #30 Snowstar, TCB's new emotional beauty with track #42 Gloom & Bloom making emotional use of pony music chops... to name a few! Yes, the album is a gold mine for amazing pony music, and the musicians really outdid themselves. Kudos and lots of love to Violin Melody and ObscureDragone for organizing such an incredible album, to Lycan and Dijit for hosting the live release party, to all the contributing musicians for making something beautiful together, and to all of you who keep supporting the pony music scene!! Ponies and fan works forever!!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here!