• Brownie Tracks! Many Slices of Cake With a Pony on Top! [Electronic]

    After the release of A State of Sugar Brownie, many of the contributing musicians already uploaded their contributions to the album on their YouTube channel. Find them all in this post after the break! And you can bet there will be more coming!! And sorry I can't give a solo post to them all, there would be just too many along the regular releases for the schedule! Please consider this a solo post though, and everypony go give some love to the musicians!!

    Suskii & Rokii - SmartPony Unit So. Conn​-​D33Z

    Chasing Dawn - Let You Go

    Hoofy - CAKE!

    TheTaZe - Salvation of the Fallen

    Paloris - I Still Miss You (TheTaZe Remix)

    Feryl DeMarco - Alterworlds

    BassPon3 - Soarin' Through Cloudsdale

    Age of Vinyl & Hay Tea - Calm Of The Sky (Koron Korak Remix)

    Voltex Pixel & GrazySmash - Hooves To My Buddy