• Bad Mares Music: StableTwoStallion - Böse Stuten [Industrial Gothic Metal]

    Must-see alert! For his latest multi-art pony tribute, StableTwoStallion got inspired by the many Böse Stuten/Bad Mares that stole our hearts as he said, including Chryssy, Trixie, and Tempest! They all appear in SFM form in this music video crafted by the musician himself, in addition to the music! Such fan works are always so amazing!! You definitely want to be watching the video along listening to the music, for those bad mares will steal your heart again! (and no for once I'm not making a Persona reference there) They're all so cute, badapple, and... somewhat hot! Check out those absolute territories/zettai ryouiki! Anyway, go give StableTwoStallion lots of love for this incredible release!!