• Various Pony Themes Album: Koa - To The Nines [Electro Pop]

    Koa just released her debut album, and physical copies were available at HarmonyCon! Tracks 3, 4, 5, and 9 were already released before and are available on YouTube, but the other tracks are brand new, and are very much worth the listen! Track #6 JFJF is about Koa and PegasYs' lovely take on the relationship between Starlight and Sunburst, and I sure agree with it! The lyrics are available on Bandcamp! Track #7 Second Best is an amazing Trixie-themed collab with Luck Rock and ShobieShy, and there's just so much emotion in all those vocals!! It's my personal favorite from the album. Track #8 Awoken is Koa's tribute to the community classic featuring General Mumble and they both did so amazing! Same goes for track #2 Mad Horse that is another collab between the partners, and the vocals are definitely very addictive! Stunning vocals and appreciated pony themes all around in this album!

    Listen to the album from Bandcamp here!