• SeaBronies Posting Last Call for 2020 Cruise

    For anyone out there wanting to go on a cruise with Peter New and a few other pony fans, SeaBronies is apparently losing it's unsold rooms in three days on Monday due to the cruise filling up. This is the last chance to get in before the block is closed.

    Get the presser below.

    Press Release: 

    SeaBronies room block being cut off due to high ship demand

    We at SeaBronies are in the unfortunate position of having to issue an early FINAL CALL for interested cruisers for our 2020 voyage, Expedition 5, departing Vancouver for Hawaii on September 17. This is a 10-night voyage featuring special guest Peter New!

    Due to extremely high demand on our sailing (i.e.: the ship is about to sell out!), Royal Caribbean is taking the unusual step of taking away the unsold rooms in our room block this upcoming Monday, February 10, so that they can release them back into the publicly available pool. This means that we only have open rooms held through end of day this Sunday, February 9. Even for this temporary deal, Royal Caribbean is raising the prices for new Interior cabins in our block (as these Interior cabins are presently 100% sold out through the public website).

    If you have already paid at least a down payment on a room, you are completely unaffected by the change in price and availability. Please hold onto your room! Your price won't go up, and your room is still guaranteed. None of this bad news affects you at all.

    If you haven't yet paid a down payment and wish to join us on our cruise to Hawaii, you must act quickly. The only way to guarantee your ability to sail with us on this journey to book a room before, or on, this Sunday, February 9. (Bear in mind that you have to book through our travel agents, so please plan on calling no later than 3pm Eastern on Sunday.) Instructions are at seabronies.com/booking.

    If you cannot book by this time, your ability to join us for Expedition 5 is not guaranteed, and prices may (and probably will) go up.

    We are very upset about all of this, as are our travel agents, but ultimately we are at the whims of the cruise line and we cannot fight them on this. We wish we were the bearers of better news.

    If you have any questions, please join us on our Discord at seabronies.com/discord or tweet at @SeaBronies.