• MLP/Transformers: Friendship in Disguise 1:100 Incentive Cover Applies to Entire Event Series

    I have some bad news for IDW MLP Comic Collector fans out there. The 1:100 Retailer Incentive Cover for the first issue (see above, Diamond Order Code MAR200690) has a very specific order requirement if you want your Local Comic Shop to get it in.

    As verified by our friends at IDW Publishing, this cover has the exact same order requirements applied to it that the Twilight Sparkle Sugar Skull cover from 2015's FIENDShip is Magic event series had.

    What this means is that in order for your LCS to receive a copy of this comic, they MUST order a minimum 25 copies of each issue in the event series. That's 25 copies of issue 1 (Diamond Order Code MAR200688), 25 copies of issue 2 (Diamond Order Code MAR200691), 25 copies of issue 3 (Diamond Order Code MAR200693), and 25 copies of issue 4 (Diamond Order Code MAR200695).

    Orders for this series, and all other comics out in May of 2020, are due to Diamond by March 18th. So if you want this comic, let your local comic shop know RIGHT NOW!