• Equestria Girls: Good Vibes Follow Up

    I haven’t done a music video follow up in a while so I felt like spreading some…good vibes. I’m sorry, but that pun was needed. And it’s wholesome pun so I get away with it. Especially with a wholesome music video like this about spreading positivity like a motivational speaker on Monday. And the moments you get with not just the Humane 7 but some favorite secondary characters is actually pretty nice and with a good song like this makes for a close favorite. So let’s see what these good vibes are going to bring us along with some more interesting lore to the human world.

    The thing to note the most is the drab color wash that covers most of the video to signal sadness or someone being down. Like for Flash over here, he’s probably down that most fans ship Sunset and Twilight more than shipping him with anybody but other male characters. But that’s just fandoms Flash. They ship everyone with everyone and it somehow turns out strangely well.

    And then it begins. Even when you’re down, you can at least help someone not break their crystal ball. Thought he could’ve probably helped Trixie with the rest of this stuff. But hey, you do what you can. But then he also puts in on a flat book on the very top and will probably roll off again anyway. Yeah I know I’m making this worse, but some things in this video didn’t feel like a completely “helpful” thing. You’ll see.

    So even in the human world Angel Bunny is still a little brat by getting lost. Or Trixie somehow stole her pet for magic tricks and is just now remembering to give him back to her. Or Trixie actually just poofed the rabbit out of nowhere and actually did a decent, but dated, magic trick. There’s too many levels with this one. But I won’t be too mad at Trixie being helpful. It can be a real treat at times.

    Yeah with this face Angel is making, pretty sure he purposely left to get away from Fluttershy. I take back what I said about Trixie. Angel Bunny is just the worst pet to make his owner worry to the point of handing out missing posters. He’s so grounded.

     So Pinkie is just a danger to anyone that’s around if she ever has desserts with sprinkles on it. But at least the frosting may have protected Bulk from having his brain exposed instead of a bald head. I mean Pinkie has used just sprinkled to destroy wood. Even a whole dock in the Everfree movie. Bulk is at least lucky to be alive right now because both this and the dock exploding were accidents. I can’t fully say if Pinkie can control the strength of these tiny time bombs, but I want to say she could possibly kill Deadpool with this kind of power.

    Ok can I just say I love these two together at the weirdest times? They are just so happy it’s sickening. But I don’t know if using a squirrel will really cure the baldness for him. That squirrel is now either just a toupee or Bulk Bicep’s new pet. Also, there’s a bit of continuity here where Fluttershy works at a pet shop along with volunteering at an animal shelter. She is the person PETA wish they could be. And that uniform she’s wearing is super cute and I kind of want it regardless of me not liking pink.

    Now this I can consider real help. Someone’s cart breaks a wheel and you got the biggest dude in the mall that can carry all of the boxes in one trip. So like a lot of moments between EqG and FiM, instead of Twilight working in a library, she works at a technology store. And like Pinkie Pie who works at a 50’s roller-skating diner instead of a bakery, they could’ve still kept Twilight in a library (minus one big red guy blowing it up into firewood). And I’m also concerned if any job would make me wear a uniform that looks like I work at a Tron ride at Universal Studios, but that’s just me.

    So with Twilight fixing Vinyl Scratch’s computer…floating in mid-air…this one just feels like it’s her job, which it probably is. Twilight is smart enough to be part of the Geek Squad and who knows, maybe she gave Vinyl a good deal on the repairs since it only took 8 seconds.

    And look at that, Vinyl needed her system so she do a favor for Rarity at the boutique she works at. That butterfly effect going strong. Good business ideas from one of the few characters who really should just start their own business.

    So Rarity basically saves Rainbow Dash’s life with stopping those boxes of shoes from crushing her. It seems right to have the fashion designer save someone from killer fashion. And with this, we get that Rainbow Dash works at a sporting goods store, which makes sense. It’s a least a cuter uniform than Footlocker.

    Of all places to work at in a mall, any place at all, Sunset is working at a sushi restaurant. How even? How is this even an option? It’s not like I don’t love sushi either, but from all the random talents they’ve given her (guitar player, painter, graffiti artist, likes video game), the have her at sushi restaurant. There is a short about her working there, but it’s still just such a random idea for her. Uniform is interesting though. Can’t hate the winking octopus on her apron.

    Aww they got matching shoe brands now. This is pretty helpful but how did Rainbow know she needed new shoes the moment hers break? Maybe Sunset already had these on order and Rainbow was just running these over to her. I won’t say Rainbow would just give away a pair of shoes from the store she works at.
    Editor’s Note: She could seriously work at that locksmith place in the back. Why work at a sushi place? 

    Obligatory Derpy with cupcake image…because yes.

    Ok she’s either sharing her lunch with him or she was running a delivery out to him and just knew he was over by the fountain. See, Flash, some people are ok with you being shipped with Sunset. Maybe not my first idea, but it’s an option. At least the sushi looks good thought. Where’s the wasabi and ginger?
    Editor’s Note: I don’t care if she looks cute in the uniform with the cute pufferfish hair clip making a “>.<” face. Sunset could work at Game Stop or something since she games or a record store since she likes music. I’m not over thinking this!

    Aww see that’s actually a nice ending. All the niceness and helping others made the mall have color and nobody looks washed out and…OH MY GOD BON BON IS WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN LYRA!!! THE SHIP IS CORRUPT! THE SHIP IS CORRUPT!
    Meh. She’s probably just out with her to shop for Lyra’s and Bon Bon’s anniversary gift for a surprise. False alarm.
    And that was Good Vibes, a pretty decent song that gets you more in the caring mood than the Care Bears. I like the message of the song even if it’s not a strong bop like Coinky Dink World or every Dazzling song created. But this is one of those feels good songs that does make me smile anytime I hear it. The idea that a good deed can just lift someone up and brighten up their day is a great thing and makes me wish most customers would be like this. If you spread love, you get love back and it works the opposite way, too. Keep spreading love and maybe this world won’t look as bleak as we see it on the news. I’m Penny Wrights and I need to get a firecracker roll from a sushi place somewhere.