• Equestria Girls: Best Trends Forever

    So because I had a lot of fun with the Choose Your Ending saga with the school play, I’m doing another one about fashion trends and how easily swayed these students are. But I’ll say this, if fashion advice was coming from someone who makes outfits that her friends have worn and just does this as a hobby, I’d probably believe her too on a few ideas. This also shows how much clout Rarity has in this school where anything circling fashion is law. Or maybe because she’s just that convincing that a burlap sack can be on a Paris runway. If I were to pick a moral for this one, it would be to practice improv skills to the fullest to the point where you could control a large group of people to follow your instructions. But that’s politics. Let’s see what trends we can pick up from our favorite fashionista when she’s put on the spot.

    So for their news segment, Flash Sentry does the weather. I guess that makes sense when you can say weather can clear up in a flash. Dad jokes aside, probably not a bad idea for him. Though I probably won’t see too many weather people with a guitar handy for telling the weather.

    So with Flash done with the weather, Rarity comes onto the show to tell about the latest trends for the week. And the fact that trends can change in a week makes me feel way too old. One minute is shorts, the next it’s European evening gowns for the dance. At this point, I’m fine wearing a burlap sack

    Yep. That’ll do.

    Ok I might have to look through these specials and episodes more to see what exactly is the currency in the human world. I know in the pony world it has bits and gems (which never made any sense to me with a whole mine of money under Ponyville), but where did this giant diamond come from? She has coins so I would assume they use coins and paper money in this world, but why have this mini Tom in your bag? I’ll try to chalk it up to just a regular fake gemstone for something she’s probably working on. But what needs a diamond that big?
    But what can she present as a trend for this very moment in front of a camera?

    Twilight Option

    Trixie: “How do I get to that cool place filled with those little bound stacks of paper?”
    …This was a line. This was an actual question coming from a teenager in school. How can I even be nice about this?!? I know this was played up for laughs, but it had to be everyone’s favorite magician making this hard for me. She's not an idiot you know. I can say that much at least.

    Ok so you know how most people make fun of the random characters in the background in the actual show and call them sheep for just following along with whatever happens? Think of it this way. Silver Spoon ALREADY wears glasses. The trend Rarity came up with is that smart is chic, so it doesn’t really have anything to do with the glasses, but really? REALLY?!? You're weren't smart Silver Spoon. You were blind!

    This segment feels like when people started wearing glasses with no lenses just to look like a hipster. And as someone who actually wears prescription, this option might bug me just a bit more than I realized. Especially with Lyra and Bon Bon dragging a telescope up the stairs like that.

    Well at least Rarity apologized to Twilight about letting everyone know she’s a one trick character with just smarts on her side. Next trend she wants to work on would be dramatic capes, which I would be all for if it wasn’t for Edna Mode and a montage of superhero cape fails. But since I won’t be flying to save an airplane from crashing, I think we’ll be ok with capes.

    To sum up, smart really shouldn’t be a trend. It should just be something that’s with you. Maybe if Rarity said that hipster was a trend, this segment wouldn’t made all the sense in the world. Middle of the road option for me, but personally kind of annoying. Still love the idea of dramatic capes though.

    Rainbow Dash Option

    I have no idea why they have Trixie being the first character getting into the trend in all of these. Also a bit weird to have this much time to dye your hair in rainbow colors or if there’s a wig store that has tons of these.

     When everybody is rainbow, no one will be. Also, I feel like this was a missed opportunity to have Derpy with glasses on for the last short. We already have a voice to go with her so you might as well have her talk in nerd lingo for a few seconds. But I guess I can go with giving another random fan favorite the rainbow spotlight.

    All right we gotta stop. We gotta pump the brakes on this trend. This has gotten too big and I need it to chill. It’s almost as creepy as the 28 Pranks Later episode of the show and rainbow is just infecting everyone around. I mean, was the wind effects in the hair for this even necessary here?

    Rarity freaking out and inner monologues like an episode of The Twilight Zone is sort of making up for this rainbow plague that is sweeping the school. She did say they can also eat rainbow sprinkles or something. It didn’t have to be rainbow hair specifically. But with Bulk Biceps as rainbow Fabio, I’m sure it can’t get any worse.

    *screams internally*
    Ok…I stand corrected. We now have Zephyr Breeze, brother of Fluttershy and who constantly hit on her sister’s friend Rainbow Dash for a few scenes in Flutter Brutter. In short, you have a guy who would hit on your sister’s best friend and now dyed his hair like her. Just let it sink in.

    As a rule for myself, what makes an interesting character is seeing how they freak out. And with the number of freak outs Rarity has had along with this moment, she’s always tops on my list. And of course Rainbow Dash can’t pinpoint why everyone seems so awesome today. This was an interesting idea and I love the horror aspect of it where it’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers in her own school and she was the cause of it. Not a bad option, but made better with Rarity’s reactions.

    Pinkie Pie’s Option
     For this trend, it has been decided that it should be confetti. No reason, no explanation. Just…confetti. Not even how you’re supposed to wear it or use it. Smart as a trend at least had people grasping to using glasses to seem smart and rainbow is at least a color scheme people can use. How do you turn confetti into a trend?

    So in a way, I was right. Nobody could think of a way to use confetti…except Pinkie Pie. And I have no idea how she just has confetti shooting out of thin air like this. It’s happened in the regular show, but it’s not like her magic just makes confetti appear out of nowhere like she’s blasting people with her party cannon.

    And it looks like she’s gotten to everyone else’s locker for a surprise confetti blast to the face. Maybe I can see this being a better trend if the confetti was color coordinated to each person instead of just the same yellow, blue and pink. But I don’t deny agreeing with Applejack on a less messy trend. Hey at least it’s not glitter.

     Aww snap we got a super powered clean up going on. I always like seeing the powers used in these. Sadly we can’t use super speed or woodland creatures to help clean up. Or maybe Sunset can read the confetti’s mind and see why it’s so messy. Also Twilight is a bit of a litter bug. Rarity and Applejack put the confetti in trash bags and cans. Twilight’s idea? Throw it out the window.

    So this was the only gif I could find with this scene and it feels like it fits like a glove. But I love the way this scene played out. You’re told to lay off the confetti and then you’re shoulder deep in colored paper fragments. How this even happened is beyond me but I can’t stop laughing at their reactions.

    When you know Princess Celestia barely makes this face and means it, it means you have really bucked up. Along with an ocean of confetti they get a side of detention. But at least Pinkie is having a great time. Can’t hate that smile too much.
    And that was Best Trends Forever and my goodness what a random assortment of endings this turned into. I’ve gone from annoyed to uneasy to laughing and all parts are pretty much what makes up the fashion industry. Out of just pure enjoyment and use of characters, Pinkie’s option is probably my favorite with Rainbow Dash’s option at a close second just for Rarity’s reaction to rainbow headed zombies. I’m no fashion expert but with the increase of rainbow colored food over the years, I’m pretty sure that would be the trend to last the longest. I think we’re already done with the fake glasses and using big words to make yourself seem smarter. Maybe use confetti in…smaller doses instead of an ocean, but not a bad idea for parties. What trends do you guys like or want to happen? My vote is for bell bottoms and peace signs. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta get some new glasses to go with my burlap sack dress.