• Community Soapbox - The End of Granny Smith, Flash Sentry, Flim and Flam, and More

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    This time around, your headlines include:

    • Should Flash Sentry be assign as Twilight’s personal guard in the season 10 comics?
    • Granny Smith Should Pass Away In The Season 10 Comics
    • What About Tiny Tia and Woona?
    • The Possible Relations Between Vinyl & Octavia
    • Flim and Flam Redeemed?

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    Should Flash Sentry be assign as Twilight’s personal guard in the season 10 comics?
    By Double C

    With Twilight as the new ruler of Equestria, it makes sense that Flash should be the first chose as her personal guard. This would both build more character development for Flash and help both him and Twilight get closer. Flash Sentry and his ship with Twilight are both the reason I got into the fandom and my favorites.
    What adventures will Twilight and Flash have? What other roles will Flash do besides maintaining security? What enemies will they face besides the real Grogar? Will their relationship evolve from friendship into love? Will both of their parents embarrass them during a get together?

    Flim and Flam Redeemed?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So with the Mane 6 and Spike looking like they’re going to lose the day against Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek, help comes at the last second as literally everyone comes together and charges into the fight… (Insert Avengers: Endgame music here) Even reformed characters like Neighsay, Tempest, Trixie… And Flim and Flam? Wait what!?

    Yeah the two con brothers are in the group as well, but they didn’t get redeemed at all… So what gives?

    This has been something I have always been wondering since The Ending of the End and it still confuses me…

    Flim and Flam has always been at odds with the Mane 6, from The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (Try saying that five times fast!) to Friendship University and have mostly been beaten and forced to try something else. So why would they help the Mane 6 in their final fight? Surely if the Mane 6 are gone, Flim and Flam are more free to have their scams succeed right?

    I once read someone saying that well if Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek did win, than probably Flim and Flam would not be so free to continue their scummy practices anymore. However I would argue that if the three big villains did win, than why would they not allow Flim and Flam to continue what they want? It’s not like the two brothers are promoting friendship or honesty to others, rather they seek to benefit themselves, much like Chrysalis, Cozy and Tirek.

    I would say that Flim and Flam did end up deciding to join everyone because they had a change of heart, that they finally realized they couldn’t beat the Mane 6 and well as the saying goes… “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

    And who knows… Flim and Flam might actually end up learning a lesson while taking part in the finale battle and agree from that day on to end their tricks and scams to run an honest business. Or they could just end up going back to running their resort and finding new ways to extort bits from other ponies and now other creatures!

    The Possible Relations Between Vinyl & Octavia
    By: S-Class Destroyer

    The Destroyer is back for another ground breaking theory (no Audi A8 as the header unfortunately) let's kick-start this piece! Tonight's story is whether Vinyl and Octavia are sisters (or somewhat related), and my perceptions on the matter.

    Vinyl and Octavia are the star musicians of the show which have revolutionised the way that the fandom has been successful in recreating the best media for their characters possible, but perhaps they are not so different as you might think. They could hold possible relations which could make them go 'hand-in-hand and both alike to sisters' and a family tradition that caused Vinyl to perceive certain things in a much different light, she wanted to break free from all the restrictions that her family brought onto her.

    1. Octavia's British origin. Tavi often has in the show a British accent but Vinyl has never spoken in the show (bit unfortunate if you ask me but Nowacking was what revolutionised her character in the fandom). The pair may be from a British family or one with certain origins that derive from the UK. The family I believed were successful musicians but to keep up with the admiration of their country, brought British made cars (Range Rovers and Jaguars) and owned a mansion. They strongly advised that the pair of them continued on the tradition, but vinyl was too easily influenced by the evolution of music and so experimented with other tastes that she seemed to like, this could be why Octavia can often be fed up with Vinyl blasting her mad wubs across the house as she was never used to such timbre and melody. You could say she is more fixated onto her parent's view as opposed to what Vinyl wanted, hence the difference in stylings of their manes.

    2. Difference in tastes. Octavia is often the smarter pony in the show such as in 'Slice of Life' where once again she is continuing on her parent's tradition (which Vinyl broke away from), but even in that episode: Vinyl was still quiet, even in public, Vinyl may not want to express her differences as she does not want to get Tavi into disrepute, or that she does not need to as her melodic dubstep does the talking as Octavia's is much older and more in-depth. Vinyl does have a voice in the fandom, but it would say a lot about her past life. Vinyl always wanted to take advantage of the different influences because it pleased everypony, it made her a living but Octavia on the other hand had found and built her audience with her career as a cellist, but Vinyl's DJ firm is what took off by a landslide.

    Vinyl would probably own a BMW M760Li if she was a millionaires with the way her business is booming.

    What About Tiny Tia and Woona?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So last time I talked about the Pillars and Students and here I will talk about the two royal sisters Celestia and Luna, namely touching on the topic of their young years when they were little fillies. In that, we didn’t see it at all in the show… (And correct me if I’m wrong, also in the comics as well)

    We all know the history behind how Luna became Nightmare Moon and Celestia had to banish her sister to the moon before Nightmare returned, only to be defeated again by Twilight and her new friends and bringing back Luna. What we don’t exactly know is the tension behind Luna becoming Nightmare Moon in the first place during the years the two sisters were growing up. So this is why I think the show should have gone to the past (And no, not just to see tiny Tia and Woona, which would be extremely adorable!) and given us a look at the sisters’ upbringing, maybe even seeing their mother and father and how Equestria reacted to the first natural born alicorns.

    How interesting would it be if we could see Equestria more than a thousand years ago, during the time the Pillars were the original founders of Equestria and the lands and different creatures were a lot more divided. How exactly Celestia and Luna, as little fillies, looked at their world and reacted to it would have been great.

    Now, we do have some great Celestia and Luna moments and episodes, such things like their little argument in Slice of Life or the episode A Royal Problem, that go into their characters and see them not only as royal figures, but well siblings. However episodes like A Royal Problem (Which was one of the top Season 7 episodes) would have been even better if we could at least have a flashback to Celestia and Luna’s past, to provide that context. Maybe seeing little Celestia trying and failing at making pancakes or Luna’s first days as a dream watcher, would have given more weight and answers if such scenes were shown.

    Now hopefully when we do get into the Season 10 comics, maybe there will be an issue where we see Celestia and Luna at their retirement place and they look back to their younger years when they didn’t have to worry about politics or dreams. And maybe even a glimpse at their parents and learning from Starswirl! (Maybe even seeing what exactly those essays were that Celestia and Luna owed their former teacher!)

    Granny Smith Should Pass Away In The Season 10 Comics
    By: A Shy Brony

    Yes, you read that right. I think it would be a great moment of character development for the Apple siblings if Granny Smith were to die in Season 10. I certainly don’t hate Granny Smith, but nopony can live forever. To explain my reasoning, let’s look at how the passing of Granny Smith could affect each of the Apple Siblings.

    As the youngest of the three, Apple Bloom would probably be the one most affected by the loss of Granny Smith. Having been to young to really know her parents, Granny Smith was essentially the mother figure for Apple Bloom, along with Applejack. Losing this mother like figure, especially if Apple Bloom is still young when Granny goes, would have a big impact. It would be great to see how the other CMCs go about helping their friend through this difficult time.

    Honestly, it took a while to think of a unique story path for Applejack following Granny Smith’s death. It would be devastating, but like with Apple Bloom, Applejack has friends who can help her through the pain. That’s when I remembered the controversy surrounding Rainbow Dash and Applejack in the Last Problem. IF Rainbow and Applejack really are together in the future, (a big IF), then this could be what starts that relationship. Rainbow helping Applejack overcome the grief of losing a loved one could be the spark that starts a more than friends relationship. This all sounds super cliché to me though, and we don’t know for sure if Rainbow and Applejack really are a couple.

    Big Macintosh is the most interesting of the three. It is very rare to see his true emotions, the few times he does are some of my favorite moments in the entire series. Losing Granny Smith would be a huge blow to Big Mac, enough for him to lower his emotional defenses and really offer a look at a grieving Big Mac. Seeing the normally sturdy stallion reduced to grief would be terrible, but also really humanizing. This would also give Sugar Belle a chance to really shine. While I do think Big Mac and Sugar Belle are a great couple, I don’t think they really got a chance to shine before the show ended. Sugar Belle can really step in to help Big Mac’s grief, which would be a great opportunity to really see the two bond as a married couple.

    Would the comics actually explore this topic? Maybe, but if they did, I’m certain it would take place after Granny Smith has already died. While death, especially the death of a family member, is never easy, learning to accept death, to move on and not be weighed down forever, is an important lesson. Each of the Apple siblings have close friends and family to help them after their loss, and I do believe some truly emotional and heartwarming scenes could come out this story arc.