• ASOS Hype Train Kicks Off! Ice Angel & GrazySmash - Unscathed [Big Room/Psytrance]

    A State of Sugar Brownie is peaking on the horizon, and it will drop February 29th! Let's party hard during this hype train, and to kick it off, track #24 Unscathed by Ice Angel and GrazySmash got premiered on the ASOS YouTube channel, and what an absolute banger it is! With Dashie helping to hype things up, it proceeds to blast such crazy Psytrance rhythm and Big Room bounciness from the musicians! Also I'm listening to the whole album as I'm writing this as part of Cider Party duties, and let me tell you the album is AMAZING!! So much quality and pony-ness all around! You won't believe it! It's just so exciting and awe-inspiring, and I hope that you'll join! Exact date of the live release party & stream to be announced soon, follow ASOS' Twitter to stay updated! And soon, new rounds of cider to celebrate too!