• TrotCon Announces Tabitha St. Germain for 2020

    Tabitha St. Germaine will be heading to Trotcon this year for anyone that wants to meet Rarity!

    Below the break, get the details as always.

    TrotCon Announces Tabitha St. Germain for 2020
    Remember 2014? That's the last time TrotCon had a voice actor of one of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's mane six, and boy, have y'all let us know that fact over the years. Ever since we had Andrea Libman this year, we've been getting requests each year for Andrea, Tara, Tabitha and/or Ashleigh alongside our usual guest roster -- and trust us, we've been listening! It just never really worked out.
    Uh, until now.
    We're super stoked to let you know that Tabitha St. Germain is coming to TrotCon 2020!
    Fans of MLP simply have to know about St. Germain. After all, she's the voice of Rarity, one of the show's most popular characters and fashion extraordinaire, as well as a score of secondary ponies on the show, including Princess Luna, Granny Smith, Derpy, Bon Bon and more. Many more. Like, dozens more.
    Of course, that's not all (is it ever?)! Her credits also include voice roles as part of the Barbie franchise, Dinosaur Train, Littlest Pet Shop, the Polly Pocket franchise and much, much more, along with some live action acting roles.
    Tabitha St. Germain joins Claire Corlett, M.A. Larson and Elley Ray as our currently announced guests for TrotCon 2020! Want more? Ya gotta pre-reg, folks! And our $45 weekend (Friday-Sunday) price goes until the end of this month, when it'll be up to $55 until we close pre-reg for good for 2020.
    We've got more coming down the pipe, too! But in the meantime, hit up our website, which has some important hotel information, all applications (except vendors/artist alley, which is closed for '20), a link to our Discord server and more. Oh, and come see us at Ohayocon this weekend, too! Be our friend. We need friends. :(