• Show Off Your MLP Artistic Progress! New Event Submissions Open!

    A common misconception many seem to fall into is the idea that people are born either artistic or not. While some people are naturally talented, everyone can get there if they practice enough.  With the start of a new decade comes a look back at the last 10 years of art for many of our amazing creators out there. The progress they have made over time is absolutely staggering, with many turning what once was a simple silly hobby into a full-on career in creating beautiful works of drawing prowess for all of us to enjoy.

    This event is for all of you that want to show how far you've come, and hopefully motivate some of us slackers into getting back on the art train by seeing what can be accomplished with enough practice!

    If you are an artist who has been drawing pony for a while, take your earliest art and pop it next to one of your favorite new pieces. It does not need to be a full decade of art. If you've only been drawing for 2 years and have progress to show, do it! I know a lot of you got ridiculously good in just a year in some cases.

    -- Submit to Submit@equestriadaily.com with ARTISTIC PROGRESS as the title. Be sure to include a place we can credit you or a link to the comparison somewhere. --

    Bonus points if you want to re-draw something from back then. It's an idea a lot of artists are doing to show off their progress.  This is not required though.

    The deadline is January 9th at 11:59 PM! Spread the word! Lets show what this fandom has really accomplished!