• More Pony Music! Soft Memories From the Future!

    As we dive into a new year that is sure to be filled with pony greatness and Equestrian love if we set our hearts to it, we celebrate all the fan music made and released in the community by the end of last year and for the occasion of the new year! In this post, brand new original tracks and remixes, and YouTube releases from recent compilation albums that have certainly been numerous!
    The pony music will last forever!

    1. Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Duskie Remix)
    Vocal - Electronic
    A much promising remix, its ethereal atmosphere and melodies are quite a success!

    2. Eurobeat Brony - Discord (Rod Steven Remix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat
    An updated remix of the classic, in the same genre as the original and that can be quite a challenge! Rod Steven nailed it! Also check out their other recent release, their Eurobeat remix of John Kenza's Love feat. 4EverfreeBrony!

    3. Silverwing - New Beginnings
    Instrumental - Piano
    Silverwing returns with a beautiful and charming composition on the piano, polished from an existing improvisation project!

    4. Evdog - Say Goodbye
    Vocal - Soft Rock
    Perhaps Fluttershy-themed, this soft and tender song from Evdog definitely matches her character!

    5. Aventrix - Searching For Harmony
    Instrumental - Trance
    A very cool Trance composition with some sci-fi vibes and awesome melodies!

    6. Nyancat380 - From the Future
    Vocal - Dubstep
    Seemingly sampling Twilight in a local dub of the episode It's About Time, Nyancat380 brings the heavy wubs for the drops, and that breath sample was an awesome idea!

    7. The Empty Tomb - Soft Memories
    Instrumental - Electronic
    Part of Helpie's Corner's charity compilation album, The Empty Tomb's contribution has very cute melodies and a heart-warming atmosphere, fitting to its title!

    8. Lianella Stilson - Anger
    Vocal - Dubstep
    Lianella Stilson's new release is such a huge Dubstep banger, also making use of cool vocals!

    9. Hoofy - P!NK GVNG
    Instrumental - Riddim
    An anthem of sorts, Hoofy's new foray into Riddim is so delightfully heavy with those refined drops! And they even include a guitar for added epicness!

    10. Vylet Pony - No Matter What (2019)
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternative Electronic
    The new iteration in Vylet's traditional yearly reimaginings of her track No Matter What! It feels so comfy, and it blasts the sickest sound design!

    11. Hoofy - Shattered Gems (TheHappyPony Remix)
    Vocal - Dubstep
    Playing with Rarity vocal samples some more, TheHappyPony remixed Hoofy's Shattered Gems for a new hard-hitting experience and questionable Rarity situations!

    12. DAϟH - Wait, Pinkie! That's Not Eggnog! That's Ketamine!
    Vocal - Speedcore
    Bringing your dose of pony Speedcore, DAϟH did awesome again with this new experiment part of noise.horse's Christmas compilation album, chopping Pinkie's laughter and Christmas bells for a crazy ride!

    13. Fyrefox - Evil Enchantress
    Instrumental - Techno
    From the aforementioned compilation album, Evil Enchantress is Dynamite Grizzly's Zecora-themed contribution that brings the Techno bliss we love to hear from the musician!

    14. Dustykatt - Say Goodbye to the Holiday (Vocal Cover)
    Vocal - Soundtrack
    Amazing vocals and VA work in this cover of Say Goodbye to the Holiday from the manliest brony!

    15. Voxel Hoof & Friends - Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again & Reprise (Vocal Cover) (Mega Group Collab)
    Vocal - Soundtrack
    I just love to see mega collab initiatives like these! This group of friends went all the way, and even re-enacted some dialog lines as well!

    16. FilledSilhoutte - The Warmth
    Vocal - Lo-fi
    A cuddly atmosphere and Hearth's Warming vocal samples in this tender track by FilledSilhoutte, making you melt! Also check out FilledSilhoutte's other recent release, Enough Of The Magic BS from both Equinity 02 and the upcoming album "Rarity's Fashion Playlist"!

    17. BassPon3 - Rainbow Skies
    Instrumental - Techno
    A bouncy and upbeat track part of Equinity 02 Catalyst!

    18. Skelter - Airborne
    Instrumental - Hybrid Trap
    Skelter brought their A game once again in this Trap masterpiece from Equinity 02 Catalyst, approved by Rainbow Dash!

    19. TheTaZe, CCF_100 & Too Taken - Soaring Skies
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    A very cute collab starring punchy beats and Equestrian melodies using a vocal-like synth! It's part of Equinity 02 Catalyst as well! Also check out TheTaZe's other recent releases, Watermelon, Snowman, and Revelations!

    20. sleepy toaster - All Over Equestria
    Instrumental - Electro
    A banging Electro track from sleepy toaster, featuring moe vocal samples! Part of Equinity 02 Catalyst!

    21. Night Blaze - Final Rainboom
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Night Blaze's contribution to Equinity 02 Catalyst is a reimagining of the show's finale in Orchestral format!

    22. PeKaNo - Winter Mist
    Instrumental - Experimental
    A delightfully experimental track from PeKaNo, themed around the French fanfic Absolute Zero!

    23. Altius Volantis - Rusty Wings Tales - Part I: Adagio
    Vocal - Chillout
    From Altius' upcoming Rusty Wings EP, this first part of the tale is focusing on the atmosphere and the use of vocal samples to tell the story! Also check out Altius' other recent releases, Days Gone By (Acid Mix) and 36 Is Not My Favourite Number!

    24. Crashie Tunez - Diary of a Flightless Mare
    Vocal - Nintendocore
    Part of recent releases on the noise.horse label, Crashie's 3-tracks EP is another masterpiece in his signature musical style!
    Bandcamp link

    25. Lectro Dub - Beneath the White Pyramids (Full Album)
    Instrumental - Electronic
    Lectro Dub just released a whole new album out of nowhere, and the tracks are definitely quite creative and epic! I especially love the use of electric guitar in some of the tracks!

    26. Freewave - MLP Finale Mixtape
    Vocal - Hardcore
    This is kind of a special feature as it's a mix of non-pony songs, but themed around the events of the series finale and mixed as a heartfelt tribute to the show! Vocal samples from the finale were also mixed in by Freewave with love, and along the visuals, this fan work is quite an awesome way to celebrate the finale again!

    27. Heartsong & Periwinkle - Maple Road
    Instrumental - Chillout/Soundtrack
    A maple-scented collab by Heartsong and Periwinkle included in Equinity 02 Catalyst! Heartsong thought of "Twilight's slow and steady trot during the Running of the Leaves" when talking about the inspiration behind this track!

    28. Royalpony - A Hoof at a Time
    Instrumental - Hardstyle
    A banging and uplifting track part of Royalpony's new album From Beyond!

    29. Camelia - Peppermint
    Instrumental - Complextro
    The passionate musician behind the MLP tribute Happy Memories and the equally emotional remix of The Magic of Friendship Grows contributed to A State of Sugar Waffle with such a quality Complextro gem!

    30. Game-BeatX14 - Unheard (Abandoned Music Compilation Album)
    Instrumental - Electronic
    Game-BeatX14 definitely did good to release these abandoned music projects, that sound quite amazing!!

    Omake/Bonus: Drummershy - We Stand (Forest Rain) Drum Cover

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!