• More Pony Music! An Oath to Pony On!

    My beloved bronies and pegasisters are my power! ...Or something like that. References aside, here's the new roundup of pony tunes released in the community that didn't get featured in solo posts. Remixes, remasters, originals, a VIP, a lovely lyrical adaptation of a community classic... And even a new Extratone track! Go check out this treasure trove!

    1. DJ FlutterDerp - Blazed Memories
    Instrumental - Chillstep
    Paying tribute to a pony musician dear to him and who you may remember, Blaze, DJ FlutterDerp made an album of nostalgic callbacks to Blaze's music, and you may recognize some of those Flutterchops from the original tracks. Find a playlist of the album here!

    2. YeahButThenDragons - Find the Music in You (Covering Daniel Ingram)
    Vocal - Acapella
    Quite a lovely acapella cover of the Ponytones' hit, this collab between YeahButThenDragons and her brother is immersing yourself into some private concert from the band in their rehearsal room in Equestria!

    3. Nicolas Dominique - Sunset Flight (Remastered)
    Instrumental - Trance/Chillout
    A remaster of the Spitfire-themed original Sunset Flight from the Wings of Freedom EP, this new chill experience from Nicolas is perfect to depict the feeling when flying in sunset skies after a long day of hard work as a Wonderbolt!

    4. ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ - Rainbow Dash ~ I'll Fly Remix
    Vocal - Bass House
    A remix of I'll Fly and its Dashie vocals coupled with pretty cool melodies, this is but one of ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ's many recent musical releases, check out more from his channel!

    5. LaunchSix - Launch Sequence
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    Part of a new EP "Gravity", this new release from LaunchSix (formerly Xericide) sure is banging with those heavy wubs!

    6. Night Blaze - This Is Our Home
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Another tribute to the series finale and interpretation in musical form by Night Blaze!

    7. StrachAttack - Attack It VIP
    Vocal - Future House
    An impressive VIP of the original Attack It, featuring revamped pony vocal chops as well as an obligatory appearance of Chrissy for the occasion!

    8. Calena - Adventures in Equestria (MelodicPony's "The History of Ponyville" Lyrical Adaptation)
    Vocal - Orchestral
    Calena lovingly thought up lyrics for the timeless instrumental of late MelodicPony The History of Ponyville, and his vocals certainly reflect that Equestrian love with much passion!

    9. Hoofy - PINK GVNG (RIEL Remix)
    Vocal - Glitch Hop
    RIEL bringing a Pinkie-flavored remix of Hoofy's banger!

    10. Nexgen & Vinyl.rawr - Wonderful
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Nexgen and Vinyl.rawr teaming up once more to blast very impressive rap vocals!

    11. Etherium Apex - The Daybreaker (Remaster)
    Vocal - Alternative Metal
    An enhanced new rendition of Etherium's masterpiece with re-recorded vocals and improved mixing!

    12. Branrich VanIstner - A Night With A Siren
    Instrumental - Midtempo
    The musician behind the Prog Metal Tempest-themed The Broken Horn Siege is back with the release of a chill and jazzy Adagio-themed piece!

    13. Nyancat380 - 3:02 am
    Vocal - Extratone
    New pony Extratone courtesy of Nyancat380, for your listening pleasure.

    14. Ardhy Mahardhy - Nightmare Rise
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    Inspired by S1 upon a rewatch, Ardhy composed this uplifting beauty as a tribute!

    Omake/Bonus: Dance Magic Until The End Of Time (Retro Ver) - MLP:FIM x Equestria Girls (Mashup)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!