• Nightly Discussion #2000

    Happy Nightly Discussion #2000 everyone! I can't believe all those years ago when I started the NDs that they would have lasted this long or become as popular as they have. They've fostered a community, have allowed for some silliness, and have given us moderators headaches at times (we still love you guys).

    As long as EqD is around so will the NDs, so let's look forward to another 1000 Nightly Discussions! In the meantime, check on after the break for some quotes and other things put together by ND regulars!

    Header was picked out by Mr100Dragon100!

    Art by: xpstar214

    "I may not be allowed to truly participate in these Nightly Discussions now, if ever again. But I will always remember the joy these discussions give and gave me. I met many friends are this place and I don't regret my time with any of them, even the ex-friends. I learned plenty about myself, I think I grew as a person. This place allowed me to vent my feelings about some truly tough times in my life including my sister's depression and my mom's alcoholism. Thank you all for the good times this place has given me. Hope everyone else has a great experience too."- Nolan Crush

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