• More Pony Music! Heavenly Equestrian Skies!

    While we wait for the new compilation albums to drop in the community (a new yearly charity album from Ponies at Dawn on December 8th and a new main album from Equinity at the end of the year), we always have more standalone pony music releases to appreciate! Find all that has been released in the meantime and that wasn't featured in solo posts, in this roundup full of quality and cute initiatives!

    1. GrazySmash & MEQA - Hoof Shaker
    Instrumental - Hard Dance
    Part of [email protected] Eternal, GrazySmash and MEQA's collab is a hard-hitting banger full of Psy vibes!

    2. Ocean Melody - Legends of Dragons
    Instrumental - Orchestral/Soundtrack
    Ocean Melody's tribute to dragons is brimming with OST vibes as it reminds of the kind of BGMs found in Muramasa for example! I just love those melodies on the flute!

    3. BassPon3 - Life Goes On
    Instrumental - Hooves Up
    An uplifting and cathartic track from BassPon3!

    4. Banquo0 - We Don't Talk Anymore (Charlie Puth Parody)
    Vocal - Pop
    Banquo0 pays tribute to Stalight and Sunburst's backstory, relationship and chara development in the show, and those highs in the vocals are quite amazing!

    5. Imperial Flame - Despite Me (Lovers Mix feat. Jessa)
    Vocal - Liquid Drum & Bass
    An unexpected remix of sorts of You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song, since this was inspired by Odyssey Eurobeat's remix of it featuring Jessa, and you can hear those original vocals in this track as well! Such a clean and amazing Liquid DnB arrangement for those vocals!

    6. Steryotype - NiceAndClassy
    Vocal - Lo-fi
    A simple yet effective chill new Lo-fi track by Steryotype that is part of a new EP! Check out the other tracks from the EP that got a YouTube release already, ThruMyHead, WeSlide and NostalgicToTheBone!

    7. Feryl DeMarco - When nothing matters
    Instrumental - Downtempo/Experimental
    Feryl is on a roll, with already a new track full of creativity! This one is inspired by that amazing artwork by PrancingCrow and has quite a deep personal backstory behind it!

    8. fractilx - Ultimate Uproar
    Instrumental - Tech Trance
    Fractilx's sequel to the Spike-themed track from [email protected] Awakening, part of [email protected] Eternal! Such mastery of the genre is unparalleled!

    9. 4EverfreeBrony - I Don't Complain (Covering Luna Jax)
    Vocal - Psychedelic Folk
    Another tasteful cover from 4EverfreeBrony's Copycat album, this time diving into Big Mac's character depth courtesy of Luna Jax who wrote the original!

    10. Power Note - Heavenly Sky
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    Such a cute track from Power Note with heavenly lead melodies!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!